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Write about half a page (300 words at least) on ‘The time when I was stuck at home’. This could be several paragraphs long. By Shamel Mujtaba


Ans. Right in the middle of the apocalypse(exams) a ray of light shone upon us, and the voice of our magnificent messiah could be heard clearly, “Schools closed from now on due to the virus”. Tears of supreme joy rained down the cheeks of all the unfortunate-now-fortunate souls who had not prepared themselves for judgement day.

So what now?

Now I grabbed my heavy AR and busted up some alien scum.

Now I armed myself with indestructible armour and went to slay a dragon.

Now I sat inside the world’s greatest speed machine and prepared to go well over five hundred kilometers per hour.

Now I…


Now I sat down and cried.

I mean why? It’s not like i can ever rid myself of the-end-of-all-fun (homework). Even IF i can muster the courage to finish it once-and-for-all it will still remain there, haunting me with similar visions of the future. 

Let me talk in English now. I wanted to play videogames but I couldn’t because my teachers were savage enough to give us homework despite total lockdown. Every time someone stepped out of their house they were followed by the barrel of a tank that was only two feet away.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that serious-but you get the point. 

In the end the assignment wouldn’t go anywhere right? And hence be pointless to complete?

Ha-Ha,you (I) wish.

Thanks to the twenty-first century and to the Internet we have online classes now! And online assignments. And online school. And online torture.

I have never hated the marvel that allowed me to play videogames-so much before.

Back in the day, a pandemic would just mean an excessive case of privacy. You wouldn’t talk to people and they wouldn’t  talk back. So, so peaceful.

Now I got my illiterate phone ringing at two a.m. 

All of a sudden my saviour had become my greatest foe. It was intolerable. It was absurd. It was…

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start working!”

Thanks mum, I feel really comforted. 

What was I saying?

Oh yes.

It was absurd. It was completely and totally illogical. But what could be done?

I couldn’t even sit in a confession circle to convince all the other pathetic losers that my life was even more pathetic than theirs. (If you haven’t tried that yet, you really should) 


Because this time I was stuck at home.