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‘Why boys are Stupid’ by Maryam Iraj


We all know that it has always, perpetually been the battle of the sexes as long as anybody can remember: men and women, grappling the hold of dominance. To call the male sex mentally deficient may reveal a bigoted sexist but candidly speaking, they are simply just frivolous and superficial unlike their female counterparts who usually delve into the deeper meaning of something. Men are simple creatures; while women on the other hand, are complex beings. Like in most juxtapositions, whatever aspects men lack in are possessed by women; for example, the feminine ability to scrutinize and infer almost anything just by a glance whereas men only search for the tip of the iceberg. Of course, by mere observation and research, the two sexes are built contrastingly from each other as in physically, mentally and emotionally. Women psychoanalyse all infinitesimalities in the universe, yet men barely seem to question such insignificant ideas let alone know they even exist! When it comes to emotions, women have a wide and vast spectrum of feelings while it is quite limited for men. At the end of the day, it is the case of perception for both genders. And perception is obviously the reason why we say,’ boys are stupid’ ,however; it  should be noted that they would rather pursue things that are not complicated  but rather pleasurable activities but that does not make them hedonists. To reinforce my point about overanalytic women, they are gossipmongers who form conspiracy theories and their various outcomes. Men would prefer to forget the matter and carry on, or maybe with their attention spans equal to goldfish, they might not even be aware about the topic of discussion. Then, we also have the male chauvinists, that is, the conceited and self-proclaimed superiors who would like to believe they have an advantage over women which is being physically tough because apparently according to them, being all-brawn will surely get them through life. So there, their stupidity is an underlying problem to their chauvinism, but as they say, ‘Boys will be boys.’ To conclude ,I would like to say that men are irrevocably ‘’stupid” but they should be given the benefit of the doubt as that is how they have been biologically engineered and unfortunately; women shall have to put up with their nonchalance and foolishness