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AO3: Mr Tumnus & Interview


I think that the passage ‘Meeting Mr. Tumnus’ is very interesting. Although I was aware of what I was going to read. It was a predictable piece of writing. Where as in the interview of Georgie Hanely and James McAvoy, I learnt many new things about the characters themselves and the differences between the actors and their characters.

The first passage ‘Meeting Mr. Tumnus’ is written by the author CS. Lewis who is a children’s’ author and also a well known classical writer. Whereas the author(s) of the second passage, the ‘Interview of Georgie Hanely and James McAvoy’ the two actors are the authors. Georgie and James are speaking the exact words written down in the form of a dialogue.

The genre of the first passage ‘Meeting Mr. Tumnus’ is a fictional story. An example would be the fact that the passage has the faun which is a creature from ancient Greece era. Contrastingly the second passage ‘Interview; is clearly a real life interview between two actors. For example “Georgie: And you became more faun-ey. More goat-like.
James: My beard got longer”

A very pleasant similarity between the two passages is the theme, which is friendship. Both the ‘Interview’ and ‘Meeting Mr. Tumnus’ have a quite heavy use of emotional appeal on the reader. An example from ‘Meeting Mr Tumnus’ is when Mr. Tumnus the faun breaks down and Lucy comes to support him and make him feel better by saying “I don’t think you’re a bad faun, you’re a very good faun.” And another example from the ‘Interview’ is when James McAvoy espressed how heart warming it was to watch Georgie Hanely grow, “James: I’m starting to. That was my favorite thing, watching you grow. You grew inches during this film.”

The purpose in the first extract ‘Meeting Mr. Tumnus’ is to entertain the reader, and persuade the reader to read further into the novel. An example would be “Are you the daughter of Eve?”  this entertains the reader and makes the reader curious, wanting to read further on. Whereas, in the second extract ‘Interview’, the purpose is to inform the reader about the lives of the actors, getting to know the actors better and getting their perspectives. The reader learns the hardships and difficulties of being an actor while at the same time being able to relate to the everyday lives of the actors. For example, Georgie feels the sorrow of not being around her loved ones and tells the reader “Georgie: Being away from my friends and family.”

The tones of both the extracts are similar in a way that both include friendliness, welcoming vibes, humor and emotional attachment. For example, from ‘Meeting Mr. Tumnus’ the faun, Mr. Tumnus says “Good evening, good evening” giving the reader cheerful, welcoming vibes. And for the ‘Interview’ James and Georgie show what a close bond they share and their experiences together. For example “James: You guys got so much more comfortable by the end.”

The attitude of the passage ‘Meeting Mr. Tumnus’ is welcoming and joyful, spreading good vibes all around. For example, when Mr. Tumnus, the faun invites Lucy to have tea with him. “How would it be if you came and had tea with me?” and another example when Mr. Tumnus is making the tea for both of them “One for me, and one for a friend.” Similarly, the attitude of the ‘Interview’ is also cheerful and cozy. The difference is that in real life, the actor James and Georgie need not act to get along.The bond they share is real, and it is of two very good friends. For example, “Georgie: We got more mature, really. In the earliest shoots I was a bit of a spitfire on set, I was really hyper on set, wasn’t I?” and another example, “James: That was my favorite thing, watching you grow.”

To conclude, one may say the bond the two actors Georgie and James chare is as friendly and strong as the bond they are to show as the characters in the story. It is an overall cheerful state of mind. In the story, they have just met and are on a good start to their friendship whereas in the real interview they are actually the best of friends.