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‘Importance of Libraries’ by Umair Shah


Library according to the dictionary is a room or a building containing collections of books for the use by the public. They are portals to all of the world’s knowledge. Libraries are as important as water in our lives as reading books in the libraries not only increases our knowledge and reading skills but also social interaction skills.

Libraries have been around since the times of Athens, Greece was thousands of years ago. Nowadays, every institution has its own library which further increases the intellect. A library is a place that calms you and is relaxing to the mind and soul. Libraries, being the gateway to knowledge, provide a basic condition for lifelong learning. They are all about freedom: freedom to read, freedom of ideas and freedom of communication.

However, nowadays due to the internet, libraries have become obsolete. Now, we can get the books we want from the internet quite easily and as a result, the old fashion of walking down to the library, sitting on the same fixed spot everyday and reading while drinking coffee has vanished. The internet not only makes the person lazy but also affects his social interaction skills. Previously, going down to the libraries and asking the librarians for help taught us a great deal.

Old fashioned and experienced people are doing their best to restore this culture and stop it from ending for the better future of their children. If going to the library is made a habit it will help you to develop certain qualities such as being punctual. It also enhances your vision and improves your vocabulary. It is a way for children to reach out to the world. They are the frontline in the war of imagination.