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Paragraph Writing: ‘I am a cool superhero’ by Syed Fasih-ul-Hassan Taqvi



Okay let me get one thing straight. Not all superheroes wear golden-star embellished capes, bear amazing, mind blowing abilities and work against injustice. Most of us are just like you guys, work, eat, sleep repeat. We will gladly see the latest Netflix serial and would love to have a delightful meal surrounded by family. We’re not from extra-terrestrial planets, nor do we have arch-rivals in the form of stark-crazy clowns.

Yes, I do have superpowers, superspeed and control over fire. Unfortunately, ‘cool’ is not the term the media would define me. Last night they branded me with titles like “vindictive, vicious, a beast who tries to kill everyone in sight”. I just accidentally burned down two McDonalds; they didn’t give me the right milkshake. Corresponding to my superior pace, my body requires more energy. I have to pay a horrendous total of $1000 for my weekly groceries because I’m hungry all the time. Don’t even get started with me when Ramadhan pulls around, it’s pure torture and grief.

Trying to save others from their grief and demise is like attempting to tame a lion. People don’t listen.

“Sir I was trying to help you”.

“No you dirt-bag. You were trying to kill me”.

“Sir… That car would have run over you.”

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t give me that villain-talk. I can tell by the look of your eyes; you saw me as your next piece of pray.”

That is literally every conversation that follows if I try to utilize my powers to help other guys. Superman and my friend “The Flash” got it so easy. Everyone views them as their idol, their role-model their everything. All I want is to be famous and lease some benefit from my superpowers. Guess stardom and being cool isn’t for me.

Write about half a page (300 words at least) on ‘The time when I was stuck at home’. This could be several paragraphs long. By Shamel Mujtaba


Ans. Right in the middle of the apocalypse(exams) a ray of light shone upon us, and the voice of our magnificent messiah could be heard clearly, “Schools closed from now on due to the virus”. Tears of supreme joy rained down the cheeks of all the unfortunate-now-fortunate souls who had not prepared themselves for judgement day.

So what now?

Now I grabbed my heavy AR and busted up some alien scum.

Now I armed myself with indestructible armour and went to slay a dragon.

Now I sat inside the world’s greatest speed machine and prepared to go well over five hundred kilometers per hour.

Now I…


Now I sat down and cried.

I mean why? It’s not like i can ever rid myself of the-end-of-all-fun (homework). Even IF i can muster the courage to finish it once-and-for-all it will still remain there, haunting me with similar visions of the future. 

Let me talk in English now. I wanted to play videogames but I couldn’t because my teachers were savage enough to give us homework despite total lockdown. Every time someone stepped out of their house they were followed by the barrel of a tank that was only two feet away.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that serious-but you get the point. 

In the end the assignment wouldn’t go anywhere right? And hence be pointless to complete?

Ha-Ha,you (I) wish.

Thanks to the twenty-first century and to the Internet we have online classes now! And online assignments. And online school. And online torture.

I have never hated the marvel that allowed me to play videogames-so much before.

Back in the day, a pandemic would just mean an excessive case of privacy. You wouldn’t talk to people and they wouldn’t  talk back. So, so peaceful.

Now I got my illiterate phone ringing at two a.m. 

All of a sudden my saviour had become my greatest foe. It was intolerable. It was absurd. It was…

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start working!”

Thanks mum, I feel really comforted. 

What was I saying?

Oh yes.

It was absurd. It was completely and totally illogical. But what could be done?

I couldn’t even sit in a confession circle to convince all the other pathetic losers that my life was even more pathetic than theirs. (If you haven’t tried that yet, you really should) 


Because this time I was stuck at home.

Paragraph Writing: Descriptive By Aaizah Tahir


Archetypes and Stereotypes

Emily sat at the square table in the library. She had a test coming up and so had all her math books spilled infront of her: geometry, algebra, graphs. She pushed her glasses back in place. They had slipped down as her head hung in stress. However, she wasnt worried about her math test. No, not at all. She was stressed cause she had messed up. Big time. Her anger issues had gotten out of hand and she had an outburst on her girlfriend – Amara. The worst one yet. It wasn’t her fault she had ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) and couldn’t listen to anythign resembling a command. Amara had practically ordered her to go to that party with her; she knew Emily had a test coming up. Because of her disorder, Emily was filled with sudden rage, and stubbornly refused to go. And now, now guilt gnawed at every fibre of her being. Everyone expected her to be this calm girl with her nose always in a book, but she couldn’t help it. Why couldn’t they look past her appearance was a question she asked herself practically everyday. With newfound enthusiasm, she had decided what she needed to do. She would tell Amara about it. She would tell her about her disorder.

Technology is a curse By: Khadija Kayani


Advancement in scientific technology poses a threat to humanity. Technology was merely created as a source of communication but the disadvantages carry more weightage. Students tend to spend more time on phone rather than actively participating in outdoor extra-curricular activities. Spending time on social media often leads to unnecessary arguments and may result in healthcare problems, for instance, back and neck pain. Terrorist organizations use social media for the display of their propaganda material and in order to promote their extremist ideologies. Their torturous methods of execution, beheadings and mass killings portrayed on social media are essentially what brainwashes the minds of many young beings. Technology promoting sensitive content manipulates the thinking of young adults, for instance, the hit Netflix show Thirteen Reasons Why portraying depression, anxiety and suicide has successfully managed to influence and drive saddened young adult souls into the attraction of displaying their grief through tapes before proceeding with the act of committing suicide. Several cases have been reported since its release where teenagers had adopted this strategy of exiting the world with a grand finale. It’s about time we limit or even possibly eliminate the usage of technology in our daily lives if we want to continue living in peace.

“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal” (Paragraph Writing) By Asfand Mohiuddin


Obstacles appear when you stray away from you goal. Your goal let it be success in fame or education , it is not an easy thing to accomplish if there are obstacles. When we talk about obstacles , we don’t talk about hurdles. We talk about distractions as being obstacles. Distractions such as playing video games or wasting your time. These obstacles prevent you from attaining your goal as they divert your mind and keep your goal beyond your reach. For example you play football and the players of the other team prevent you from getting the ball into the goal. Those players are also obstacles as they prevent you from getting to your goal of you’re not focused enough . So to prevent any obstacles , you have to be focused and determined on your goal . Do you know what happens when you los focus ? You miss your goal . Moreover ,these obstacles increase your hardships when you get distracted. By this it means that you have to work harder than before . Furthermore, obstacles only appear in your life because you let them in . This is because you start to forget your goal and you may think that you are capable enough to handle these obstacles . You can’t. Despite all this , there are small obstacles even when there aren’t obstacles . These sort of obstacles have to be dealt with daily . These are easy to overcome. These obstacles are seen and presented before every goal. For example if you are on a diet and you see chocolate cake. You can’t help it. So you take a bite into that chocolate cake. However , these sort of obstacles are overcome depending on how determined you are to reach your goal. Also the fact that we must understand that goals are not set directly in your path , there are obstacles in it that are “ready” to distract you. Furthermore, , know that no goal is achieved without any obstacles in it . In the end, believe that only you and you alone can overcome your obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goal. If you have the determination and the focus to.

‘Why are people boring?’ by Saif Saleem


Boring means something not interesting; tedious. What makes a person boring? Even the most fascinating people will say boring things, but that does not make them boring. What makes a person boring is the continual blathering and ignoring of signals and body language. However, if they do try to communicate, they do not have anything fun to talk about. Boring people never say anything. They cannot see things from other people’s perspectives. Boring people are not well informed. They have no interests, hobbies, and are not passionate. Boring people do not include anybody in the conversation. The person just wants their point to be told with too much detail that is not relevant. Boring people complain about everything and anything and they are unwilling to try anything new. Going out and socializing is always their last resort!

‘Keeping Fit’ by Arslan Sipra


Keeping fit is very essential for a safe and healthy life.There are several ways a person can maintain his fitness.A person should do regular exercise for example;running on a treadmill.Diet food is one of the major factor of keeping fit for example;eating citrus fruits or vegetables can help a person become stronger,keeping fit and not gaining on fat.Regular walk can help in burning the excessive calories.Physical activities like playing football can help in building stamina.A normal and a fit person have many differences in them.A normal person who does not exercise gains weight,is lazy,eats junk food etc.While on the other hand,a fit person is regular in exercise,eats diet food and he is likely to have less diseases than a normal person.Praying can also help in maintaining fitness for example,movement of joints.

‘Technology is a blessing’ by Saif Saleem


Technology is the development of various components in the world. It is probably the biggest revolution in human history. Because of technology, life is made easier and worth living for. Technology is indeed a blessing! It has improved health as there have been improvements in medical facilities such as X-ray machines, radiology dopplers, MRI machines and C.T Scan machines. Such machines help to detect diseases/disabilities in the human body. It also helps us to cure illnesses with the production of better, improved medicine. Technology helps to save time and do work more efficiently. Technology brought with itself, the production and invention of the Internet which allows us to surf over and look for anything over the Internet. To use internet, we need electronic gadgets like computers, tabs and cell phones, and thanks to technology, these were also invented. This also helps in the field of education, as there are online lectures and presentations over the internet. By far, technology has been the greatest revolution in human history!

‘Why and how people change in life?’ by Shanzay Awan


People change as preferences change.Life is just like a roller coaster,it has its ups and downs and these bring change in us.I think that the lessons I have learned throughout my life have changed me the most.When I was young,I was never deprived of friends but as I grew older I started valuing my friends but as I grew older I started losing friends which changed me in many ways.I started valuing my friends which I never did and I also realized that I was lucky to have friends like them.My cousin was the most bubbly and jolly person I have ever met but when her father died she totally changed.She became quiet and turned into a social reculse.The pain of the loss started eating her from inside and now she is not the same person.Furthermore,if a person is illiterate he will be a whole different human but later after getting education he will learn important lessons about life which will change him.I think that when a person a comes into this world,he is a whole but after every mental and physical abuse,only a shell of this whole personality is left.However,change happens.

‘Why and how do people change in life?’ by Kainat Ali


We all are not the same people we once were. As we grow older, we get mature, we realise this world is not as beautiful as it seems from the outside. The most common reason why peoplr change is pain. Pain is in betrayal. Pain is in losing something or someone who meant the world to you. Pain is everywhere and when something stings us, when we get hurt, we no longer have the strength to face the world or to accept the fact that there’s an ugly side to everything. There’s an ugly side to this world. When the heart is crushed into tiny pieces for example;separation from spouse, you cant be the same person you were earlier, you have to change, all the emotions bottled up inside you push you to the point where you completely lose it. You have no other option but to move on, wear a smile and pretend infront of the world you are strong. You are on your feet. From the feeling of immense euphoria to a feeling of suffocation, that is what changes you.