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Informal Letter: Culinary habits of various cultures at school. By Areesha Fatima


Informal Letter

  1. You have recently read about culinary habits of various cultures at school. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her what you have learnt.
  • The preferences of different cultures
  • How these are caught and served
  • How do the people enjoy the delicacy and relevant sports

Ans:                                                                                                       221B,

Baker Street, London

30th Oct, 2019.

Dear Lily,

How are you doing? Lily, you have been missed! It has been ages since we have met or talked. Okay, so now I will get on with the purpose of writing this letter. Basically, I want to tell you about the recent increase in my knowledge about culinary habits of various cultures. I learnt it in school today, in Sir Jonathan’s class.

Firstly, I got to know about humitas (sweet, steamed corn cake, traditional in the Andes). Unfortunately, it was worn-out. Ecuadorian towns had many preferences like their ‘disturbingly red’ hotdog sausages, a sweet tamale, a few limp limbed chickens turning into their mechanical rotisserie. Now, lets talk about the ‘disturbingly red’ hotdog sausages. Lily, you know how much I love red but these red hotdogs were actually very disturbing. Ecuadorians also like to eat grilled chicken gizzards (stomach parts), yes stomach parts, obviously we won’t like it.

Also, the people of Arctic are a huge fan of narwhals. Remember that narwhal’s story? Hahaha! Do you know that narwhals are an essential contributor to the survival of the hunters in the High Arctic?

By the way, remember when we watched that random documentary about Japan and they were eating those weird bugs and insects? People all around the globe have different preferences so it is totally fine with people eating insects or you know other weird food combinations.

That narwhal’s story also mentioned about how they were caught and served, right? So, narwhals are huge! The hunter picks up his harpoon and aims for his target and in a split second the narwhal is in their possession. They don’t use a rifle, only a harpoon with two heads and one bladder.

Also, seals are hunted in Greenland and like how can they possibly eat seals? But you know what, I am really against the idea of animal hunting as it leads extinction of endangered animals.

Do you know that the great white shark and the hammerhead shark are harpooned in Iceland? It’s probably very hard to catch them, right? I saw it in that game too, that… ‘Assassins Creed Black Flag’. That was so cool!

People not only eat these delicacies but also enjoy it as a sport. Remember, the hunting of seals, that is a famous sport in Greenland. Also, harpooning of sharks is a very fun activity and the hunters really enjoy it. Isn’t that amazing?

Hunting and fishing are a very common activity and considered a sport. We should actually go for fishing soon. What do you say?

Okay Lily, I hope you fine this letter informative. I really hope we meet soon, girl! I miss you.

Give my regards to your adorable little brother, John.

Lots of love,



Informal letter by Taha Hayee 9-F



2822 Arizona Terrace NW

Washington 20016

United States of America

November 6th 2017



Dear Giulio,


Hey man! How are you and your family? I’m really missing you guys. I really wish I could still be there… But it’s not that bad here! There’s a lot to see! I can’t even believe it! But with good also comes some annoying things. But who cares! I LOVE IT!


Some good-wait not good, AMAZING things I saw was SNOW! There was actually real life freaking SNOW!!! It was like amazing cold fluff balls falling out of the sky. It was absolutely great. I was so flabbergasted! Some other stuff that is here is Dark Restaurant windows. I’m guessing it was for privacy or something like that. There were also a lot of coke cans and other junk food stuff on the ground. Americans are scary fat! Our family also went through a car wash after seeing some advertisement for $350 washes. It was nothing like Pakistan. You actually get to sit in the car and through the car wash. It was weird when the machines put the soap on the car and then we went through these furry long pillars that along with water washed our car. It was crazy! But dude! The shopping. I mean like… what!? It was so cool. I have never seen a shop like this. It wasn’t just a shop for grocery, it even had a coffee shop and a small place to eat. So instead of being dragged around by my parents, I could just chill and eat! Mind blowing, right!


There were also so many things you find here that are enjoyable. First of all instead of these hot stuffy buses there were air-conditioned ones. You could relax and do anything you wanted. The bus didn’t stop when you yelled out to the conductor. Oh no, no, no! Just press a button on the wall and the bus will stop just like that! Bro, but the best thing was the snowball fights, sledding and so much more. Even in the cold snow you would start sweating after a good snow showdown. It was so much fun! Snow is so freaking fluffy and you can even eat it. I have never ever, ever, I mean never tasted anything as good as snow. Yum! (Just kidding, but it was pretty good). Our house was huge. There is so much space. I have no idea how we are going o furnish everything. But the best part of the house was the green lawns. They are so good for football and I can’t wait for me to get a football, and goals so I can practice. Americans are so helpful and friendly! The day after we moved in our neighbors actually came over and brought food. It was delicious!


But sadly with good things also come some bad things as well. One is that even though the city is beautiful the streets are extremely noisy and there is A LOT of traffic. The streets also had some WEIRD smells! Sometimes when I’m walking to the bus stop I feel like I am going to puke my guts out. I start to gag like crazy. Also since my dad is still doing his residency and hasn’t started to specialize yet we aren’t getting a lot of money. It’s only, guess $…! I couldn’t believe when I found out! The snow is amazing but it does cause some annoying things. It causes low visibility at the airport which delayed our flight. That was so annoying and my …. Family was mad. There were even delays of the taxi to arrive at the airport because of the very heavy snow. Also when we got home we were stuck and couldn’t leave because there was… 3 ft of snow!!! It was absolutely horrible.


It has been a crazy ride for my family dude. But we have settled in and are so far moving along. I hope that you can visit because I miss you. Also together we can experience more new things, have fun and also get annoyed by U.S.A.


Hope to see you soon,


Taha Hayee

Imagine you are a concerned teacher at a boarding school where there are some students with disabilities. Write a letter to the director of the school regarding your concerns and observations about the school. · What is it like to be at boarding school · Describe their activities · How are they limited and gifted at the same time By Sakina Sardar


Sixth Avenue

Leytonstone Street

Apartment 109

Street 60, House 93-B

Springs, The Valley

Subject: Concerning the Disabled Children

Dear Mr. Peter,

It is with great concern and worry that the undersigned is writing you today about the children here at Stepping Stones. It is unfortunate that the addressee cannot be here to handle these issues in person.

It has come to the undersigned’s attention that the children here have begun acting out in a harsh manner. Personally, it is believed that this behavior has derived out of boredom, lack of activity, in other words.

Although a friendly environment is maintained, the children have complained several times of not having anything to do with their time.

About ten new children have begun counseling sessions with the undersigned and it should be noted with great importance that each child’s problem is quite similar.

A brand new activity is being introduced and the undersigned would appreciate if the addressee looked into this new project as a source of distraction for the children’s boredom. The most these children can do is run and race along the staircases and then they are retained as well since this is a violation of the school rules.

For this reason, the undersigned has come up with the idea of racing for the blind children. It has been done previously by an engineer who designs race tracks in schools with special tools to help the children race.

This may significantly change the children’s moods and keep them busy. Many children are struggling and those of which that are suffering from physical disabilities have taken to their dormitories. They spend their days in bed reading books or staring blankly out their windows.

It is felt that although said students struggle with several activities because of hindered eye sight, amongst other disabilities- they have also proved themselves to be extremely gifted.

For example, a child called Peter White who had been blind since birth had quick and fast reflexes. This was because the rest of his senses were extremely heightened.

Due to this, he was much faster than the other students. The undersigned strongly believes if the children are given activities- a platform to express

themselves then they will eventually learn to live their regular lives without needing any help.

The undersigned urgently requests the addressee to look into the racing track project and if possible come into the headquarters to further discuss the previously mentioned issues.

Yours Sincerely,


Eleanor Edward, School Counselor at Stepping Stones

Write a letter to your friend who is an art student discussing the origin of new colors. · How the colors were discovered · How were these used · What implications/importance was denoted to these colors. By Sakina Sardar


The Valley

Smith apartments

Apartment 206

February 12, 2016

Dear Heather,

Hey! How are you? How are the paintings coming along? I hope you used your new art kit. I have heard that LUM’s has a wonderful art program so I hope you are doing well!

Anyway, let’s get to the interesting part the real reason why I am writing back to you today is because I recently started some research on…wait for it: the history of colors!

Yes yes, I am fully aware about how boring you think my job is being a history teacher and all but I have learnt some pretty interesting things about colors the past few days.

Recently, I discovered that color dying was extremely back in the day. I was pretty surprised when I found out considering how often I have taken my niece to get her clothes dyed and how cheap it is!

So, have you heard of the famous chemist Henry Perkins? I am researching his work to teach my students and basically he was responsible for creating mauve dye in 1856. That’s how far back color dye goes. Can you believe it?

I spoke to a few fellow teachers about this chemist and she told me how-in that era the Byzantine emperors paid a ton of money to purchase the dye for their robes. This color was a royal, deep purple mixed with red called Tyrian purple.

I also purchased an interesting book called, ‘The Medieval Artist’ and in this book I read that in the fourteenth century the color ultramarine blue became quite popular.

Infact this color was described as, “a color illustrious, beautiful and most perfect, beyond all other colors.” by the talented Italian artist/painter called Cennino Cennini. Try saying that three times fast!

This beautiful blue pigment was prepared from lapis lazuli, a blue stone found in a small village on the coast of Afghanistan. I watched a video on how they made this color from stone and unlike other minerals if this one was grinded it would turn into a boring gray color.

To work around this, the workers manually separated the impurities by kneading the powdered mineral with wax.

To be completely honest I think you will enjoy this part the most, infact I have a feeling you might already know about this. Well in the medieval ages, the artists refused to paint regular or ‘realistic’ subjects; they were almost always symbolic or religious paintings considering the fact that most of these artists were monks. Most holy figures were painted using this ultramarine blue.

I really think you should get this book because it really has some impressive and interesting stories. Ten out of ten, would recommend!

Did you know that Queen Victoria wore black after the death of her husband for forty years? Haha well you don’t even need death to wear black that much! Okay okay, too far.

Anyway, did you know that in the Indian culture, women are to wear white and no other color if they become widows? Imagine that! I would never be able to handle the responsibility of wearing every single day of my life!

I watched a bollywood movie with my niece a few days back- with subtitles of course. The movie was about a Hindu family who suffered from a horrible fate which was that all the men in that family would pass only after a few years and so most of that family consisted of sisters, wives, daughters, and obviously widows!

At that point in the movie there is only one man in the family and he is talking to his daughter about how the ‘Nani’ in other words, grandmother finally wore some color which was the little blue flashes on her new white runners.

You already know how emotional I get so of course, with the sad melody playing in the background, the pretty little girl and the father-daughter moment I eventually did break down in tears. Ugh!

The history of colors and how they were practically worshipped even by Roman emperors, the importance and dedication of the Hindu women to their life partners even after their passing. All these facts, stories and books fascinated me and so I thought you should know too, considering how much you love art!

Well I guess that is all. Hope you enjoyed having to read this long letter. I miss you terribly and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Lots of love,


Informal letter Q . Write a letter to your friend who is an art student discussing about the origin of colour. By Mulaika Iman


38 Creek Apartments,

 Collin Street,


Dear Sofia,

How are you? How is the little kitten you got to keep you company ? I hope that you are not missing me too much because if you are … well there is nothing that I can do. So I head u have settled in Paris and will star art school by next week. I am so excited for you. You always wanted to go to the best art school in Paris and now you are. It is like a dream come true!

Since you live alone now and probably miss the company of someone let me tell u about what I came cross. It was very interesting for me and I do think that your silly self  had never thought of it.

Thought about what? How colour was discovered or made?

So I was reading a fashion magazine that is released every month. This is my favourite magazine. It is so informative and entertaining. So they recently dedicated a section of the magazine to history. History of fashion and its evolution.

The article I read said that colours were not there from the beginning of the time. The only ones who possessed colour were the animals and nature.

Did u know the first colour other than black that would completely stay on fabric was no other than your favourite colour; purple!

It was discovered by a scientist who was trying to find a cure for malaria with coal tar and other scientific substances (that we will not be able to understand). So it was found by accident which was not so accident, I guess. I know it is slightly confusing.

So when he found that is was a very different coloured substance he had a sample dyed out of his curiosity and got it tested by a  group of dry cleaners who told him that the substance that he had created was one of a kind as it stayed on the fabric and stained perfectly every time unlike the other dull dyes of the time that faded quickly.

This was a turning point in history as the revolution of fashion had started from dark and dull and non-consistent colours to a beautiful shade of purple.

The scientist later gave up the study of science to have this introduced into the market and start a business. This was so successful and the people loved it so much that they developed measles for it.

The dyes first name was Tyrian purple and later changed to mauve.

Believe it or not, but the people were crazy for this. The Parisian designers started to use this in their haute couture.

Inspired by the impressive success, French and German artists and chemists and generally scientists started to work on making their own dyes.

Despite the evolution of the dye into Europe the dye it’s self-kept getting better. How?

First, it would only be subsistent on fabric like silk soon with a play with modrants, the colour was able to retain on cotton textiles too.

After this everyone wanted to get their hands on the coloured dresses.

Oh and did you know that purple symbolises royalty and nobility?  Maybe because it was invented in the royal times and was a luxurious.

However, is it not wonderful to see how the invention of just one colour in 1856 changed the world and modifies it into this bright and colourful universe from the universe if ‘purple birds of paradise’.

Remember the time we put paint on our hands and rubbed it on the freshly painted white wall in the backyard in both of our houses and then the wall was never repainted.  I miss our when we were together.

So later came a time when paintings and art were very famous and the artists required the best colours.  In the Middle Ages my favourite colour a brilliant shade of blue: ultramarine was the most desirable and precious colour.

It was made from a beautiful stone lapis lazuli. It was a very long process to make this colour as the stone would have to be mined from the mines of Afghanistan. It had to be delicately mixed and crushed as there was also a danger that the stone which was pricier than gold would loose its pigment.

To ensure the safety of the pigment its powder had to be mixed with wax and washed several times for its purity.

In some cultures the shades of blue were associated to spiritual healing, freedom and even royalty or holy.

So this shade was mostly used in painting the robes of the holy figures in churches.

The famous artist of the starry night painting, Vincent Van Gogh was also a fan of this shade. No wonder this shade of paint was highly valued.

Speaking of this colour reminds me of the time that we went to the berry farms on the country side and ate so many blue berries.

Yesterday, when I was talking to my aunt who recently went on a trip to India told me that widows in India do not wear colours after their husband’s death till their own death.

She also met a widow who wore a colour other than white after sixty years. Sixty years! That’s a very long time. And she wore the colours because her granddaughter who was not familiar with the Indian culture got her a pair of new trainers from Sydney.

It is getting late my silly best friend but I wish I could always talk to you and as that is not possible so I have no other way rather than to wait for your reply. Please do not forget to feed the kitten; it cannot even say anything to you.

Lots of love,


Q. You are writing a letter to the mayor of the town explaining the causes and affects of disastrous fires. In your letter include the following: .The various causes .The effects and losses .How can these be countered Think carefully about the purpose of your of your letter and the audience for whom it is intended. By Aamash Qaiser


Greenland apartments,

 St. Patrick’s road,

 Washington D.C.

November 15, 2017

Mayor House,

Trafalgar road,

Cadbury town.

Subject: The causes and effects of disastrous fires

Dear Mr. Abraham,

It is stated that the several, yet minor, fires around the town of Cadbury has come to the knowledge of the undersigned. This letter has been written down to inform the addressee about the dangers and precautions regarding wildfires as to prevent such situations.

It is said that to prevent the flames from originating, the sources of the fires should be acknowledged.

  • The Forests: Towns similar to the Cadbury town, which are reportedly surrounded by dense forests area at a high risk of a wildfire as trees are consumed by the flames and act as a catalyst to spread the fire. Intense fires which may exceed 250,000 kilowatts of energy per metre are at a high risk. A town, reportedly, was burnt out of existence during the previous year.
  • Extreme Temperatures reported in the proximate areas reaching up to 30C to 40C are considered to be crucial sources of fires as the dry bush tend to ignite.
  • As per estimations, the unmanaged forests are observed to be littered by various plastics and garbage which function as a catalyst to spread the fire.

Wildfires which tend to get out of control and spreads on will can cause a major threat to the residents nearby and the environment. The residence constructed out of wood and timber have a increased risk of burning down. Residents result in ending up homeless and the repairing costs are hefty. The intense temperatures damage the environment and the smoke produced lasts for days which is hazardous to breathe.

The catastrophic losses vary from lives of the nearby residents reaching up yo sixty five people who . failed to evacuate. The properties combust and obliterate causing the loss of personal belongings of the residents and creating a burden on the government.

The addressee is required and is being appealed to take effective steps to counter such situations or prevent it from originating. Several vital measures could be observed and triggered. These are as follows:

  1. The forests surrounding the residential areas are to be managed as to prevent the trees which act as a fuel to have a safe distance from the town.
  2. Managing the forests includes the duty of the mayor or the addressee to tidy the nearby forest by collecting litter spread by human activities which contribute to broaden the flames.
  3. Effective evacuation plans are to be held in existence to be used in such situations which may include temporary shelter for the residents.
  4. In the situation of deliberate fire, which may have been lit for a leisure time or by a simple cigarette, are to be dealt with full force and the culprits are to be punished accordingly.

It is hoped that this letter and appeal is to be a factor of concern and is applied. Statistics of an occurrence of a wildfire has reportedly increased from 20% to 49%. Actions are to be taken accordingly.

Yours Sincerely,


Muhammad Aamash Qaiser

CEO of Save-the-Forest Agency

Write an informal letter by Jane Eyre to her sister back home, where she describes her first meeting with Mr. Rochester. In your letter, include the following: • how she was returning home from a walk, and encountered Mr. Rochester • describe their conversation, and Mr. Rochester’s looks • how Jane Eyre helped him Think carefully about the purpose of your letter, and the audience for whom it is intended. By Jibraeil Aatif Anwar


Yorkshire, England

September 6, 1788


London, England

Dear Elizabeth,


Hello, beloved sister. How are you doing? And is the rest of my family doing fine as well? I just wanted to tell you about something delightful that I have just recently experienced, a random encounter that was very unique and very intriguing, most definitely, indeed.


You see, I was just going down a narrow pathway, back to the Thornfield Hall, when, all of a sudden, I saw a horse coming down the pathway. I thought it might have been the Gytrash that Bessie used to tell us about as kids, but it was not; a dog sprang out of the hedge, and it was much more like that mythological creature. It gave me quite a spring, and made the bones in my body bend until they were fractured wheels, until it turned out that it was just some ordinary, harmless, black-and-white dog. I was the governess of the daughter of the owner of the Hall, Mr. Rochester, so it was best for me to hurry up on there. However, considering how narrow the path was, I decided to wait until the horse had crossed the path, so I sat… waiting, waiting for Eternity to just embrace Death with open arms. All of a sudden, however, I heard a slip, a thud and a crash, as the horse had slipped over an icy surface on the pathway. The dog, which was owned by the horse’s rider, immediately rushed over to its master, and tried to help him up.


I felt worried for the man, who looked as though he were of high rank. Also, it was late night, and I was the only other person present, so I decided to go up to him, and ask him if he was alright. He said he was fine, and attempted to get up himself; I could tell, from this gesture, that he was an independent man, who hardly relied on others to get the job done, and he was successful in getting his horse to stand up. When he struggled with getting up on his own, I decided to go up to him a second time, and ask him if he was alright… but he again persisted, saying that he could do it on his own! He insisted that it was only a sprain, no broken bones, so I trusted his words, that he was just fine. He did eventually get up, and as soon as he did, his appearance could catch any random bystander’s eyes’ complete and utter attention: he had a dark complexion, a stern and heavy brow, irritated eyes and eyebrows, and seemed to be the kind of person who was past his youth, yet had not quite reached that confounded middle age. Because of these things about him, I would be shameless in helping him out unmasked, with my face as clear and light as day.


I offered my services to the man, inviting him to come with me to his home… but he said I ought to be at my home! He did ask me where I came from, to which I responded below; by below, I meant Thornfield Hall, of course. The home of Mr. Rochester, this Hall was, but I told the man that I could not tell him where he was at the moment, because I myself was not sure; I had not even met him face-to-face, yet. The man tried to scan me, but I simply told him that I was a governess, to which he responded with a request for help — a request to grab his horse’s bridle, and lead him to his master. I was terrified, but I decided to try it, anyways. Alas, I failed, but at least I tried… though, on the other hand, the man did it fast, and did it better! He then only asked me for his whip, which I handed over to him, and afterwards, he was off on his jolly, merry way, proud on his horse, with his dog following the both of them. I have to admit that this was quite an encounter; I had a lot of mixed feelings about it, but at least I got to meet somebody, and I am glad that he’s now feeling okay thanks to me (mostly thanks to him, though).


Sadly, I must say goodbye, cousin, for I must go to the Thornfield Hall as quick as a little rabbit; it is getting awfully late, anyways. Take care, though, and be sure to write your own letters to me, about what you’re up to lately. Farewell!


Your sister,


Jane Eyre