Q)How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meaning? By Abdullah Yousaf


This passage is written by ‘ Matt Imnan. ” The passage name is getting lost. In this passage the writer is telling she is travelling in a bus. The tone of the passage was getting lost in a big city.

Writer has used big paragraphs to describe her getting lost in a big city e.g  “What I did not mention was that on the way to fields I got utterly lost.” This shows the writer is describing her experience and what she felt like getting lost. 

 Second most important technique writer used in the passage is Jargon e.g “Korea”s Boseong Green Tea Fields, Google map and Daejeon. This technique is used for giving references to certain places or topics

Third technique used in the passage is repetition which is repetition of sentence or word e.g “his seeming kindness, he was of no help for me”. This has 2 effects on the passage showing emphasis on the topic or writer or author has a lack of ideas.

The writer has used simple vocabulary by using the words like, mention,terminal,relax,hopped and pouring. This shows the writer has not put irrelevant information or ideas.

Finally, the writer has used a lot of alliteration, e.g “thank the,have had, tried to, to the and after. The writer used this technique to show extra impact on the passage.

From this we have learnt that whenever we’re going to some place we should have our necessary things with us and have an idea where to go and what to do.


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