Q) You are writing a letter to the mayor of the town explaining the causes and effects of disastrous fires. By Javeria Husain




Street #17

November 15th, 2020



Street #20

Subject: The Causes and Effects of Recent Disastrous Fires

Dear Mayor,

The following letter has been composed to inform the addressee the issue regarding the recent increase in wildfires that have taken place in Sydney. It is known that the residents, in large, like lighting fires as it’s fascinating to watch flames and seek comfort from them.

However, due to a variety of activities and events such as:

  • Starting bonfires on the seaside
  • Fluctuating weather conditions
  • Cooking purposes
  • Forestry being easier and common 

Due to the above listed causes, wildfires have been taking place at a large, rapid scale, and must be brought to the addresse’s attention, as it is deteriorating our current environment and so that awareness can be brought up regarding this ongoing situation.

A rather recent incident that took place in Sydney which left Pinafore Forest with a stretch of rotten meat and a foul smelling pall of smoke.  Another that took place a couple of miles away caused more lives to be taken as the fire fled into their homes at the very last moment, leaving the surviving burn victims with permanent emotional trauma and loss of family members.  More effects of the dreadful fires include:

  • Property being destroyed permanently
  • People losing their jobs as offices burnt down
  • Global Warming taking place
  • Many houses being burnt in villages
  • Overall increase in air pollution 
  • Worsening living conditions

Facing this above crisis, and their long term effects, instant damage control is needed and important. These can be countered by utilising the Governments full and effective support such as managing the things that burn, clearing areas which are around grass for houses to be built, not building houses in forests, and having easy to contact, speedy units to atone to spreading wildfires, while saving people, too.

Strict laws and building restrictions can be imposed, to alert citizens and help minimise wildfires and its negative aftermath.

I hope the addressee takes this letter into consideration and takes immediate action against this issue.

Yours Sincerely,

Javeria Husain.

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