Q) A friend of yours is moving to another country. Write a letter to him or her offering support and giving information that will help. By Amaar Ali


E-11/3, street 65,

House 11/B

13th December, 2020

Dear Maaz,

Hey! How are you doing my friend? I hope you are doing well. It has been a long time since we met and I have been missing my childhood best friend a lot. The last time we met we had a visit to Monal if I am not wrong. We both have gone for trips on several occasions and so that’s why I don’t remember where we went the last time we met but I am pretty sure it was Monal.

Anyways, I’ve heard that you are moving to China on a course for three years congratulations! U know China is a perfect and unbelievable country (trust me). Cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin are extraordinary. U should definitely visit these places and have a wonderful experience. My brother went on a trip to china recently and he said it was stupendous!

However, you might face some problems as you will be new to the country. First of all there will be language issues as most of the people speak Chinese over there and very few speak English. In order to overcome this obstacle u will require a translator that will make things much easier. Secondly the food in China is a lot dissimilar compared to what we eat in Pakistan. For example they might order you a frog scorpion or even snakes! Gross right? But man don’t take tension there many restaurants in china which have proper food like chicken, rice and beef etc.

On the other hand, forget about the language issue and all that, there are numerous positive things to experience. Shanghai is not only the biggest city in China but it also has the most skyscrapers and guess what? It has the world’s second tallest building “The Shanghai Tower”. That tower is amazing. I will even send you some pictures of it. You will be astonished! Then there is Beijing (also a big city) consisting of several skyscrapers, boats and many other wonderful things and the people in China are extremely polite and humble. When my brother came from China most of the things he praised about were the people and their aspects.

I hope you enjoy your experience and stay safe. I hope you come back soon because I consider you like my brother and will be missing you a lot! Take great care, I am looking forward to hearing from



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