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Q) You have been asked by your school or college to give a talk to your peers with the title ‘Being Lost’. By Uzair Shah


“Hello and good evening everyone, my name is Uzair Shah. Most of you are probably already aware of that. I am from Jackson, Tennessee although I’m currently over here in Sacramento at our lovely local college. Alright I see some Tennessee fans here. Go Jaguars!

So before I get started I want to ask you all a question. How many of you go hiking on the trails at the mountains? Okay, I see some hands. Let me ask you another. How many of you have ever been lost? Alright, I see only two hands meaning not a lot. Let me tell you all something. In the past year there have been over 5,000 missing persons reports all over the country. 

Why so many you ask? Well it’s a common occurrence believe it or not. It can happen to anyone. Most people can go off path for hours before even realizing they are lost. Many missing people are eventually found and that is because they were trained with the necessary precautions of how to survive in the wilderness. As someone with experience I am going to explain to you all on how to deal with a situation like this if you were to ever get lost.

Now the first thing you do when you realize you are lost is to stay calm no matter what. You are in a dangerous situation and losing control of yourself is the last thing you would want. When I first got lost, I was lucky enough to read the survival guide early before. I was cold, I was scared, and I wanted to go home. My first instinct was to travel downhill as it was getting dark but instead I accidentally triggered a small rock avalanche which made me stumble and twist my ankle. I felt helpless and didn’t know what to do. 

Now I want to share with you all the advice that was given to me as a young cub scout which I had never forgotten and had been used to save my life. This is called the ‘STOP’ method.

‘STOP’ stands for the required steps for your best chance to get out of a given situation like this. ‘S’ stands for stop, ‘T’ stands for think, ‘O’ stands for observe, and ‘P’ means plan. If you implement these steps I guarantee you that you will have a higher chance of getting to safety. 

Now you are not done yet ladies and gentlemen. Always make sure you have a cell phone with enough bars of signal to make a call. When hiking or going somewhere that is far from any signal towers, I recommend you bring a satellite phone. Therefore you can call the emergency services on the spot. 

Suppose you do not have that and neither any service. What do you do? Well if you have plenty of day time, then you should start heading downhill. You’ll be bound to find some sort of road or populated area. If it is getting dark you should prepare yourself for the night by layering yourself and finding shelter. Water is the most essential to stay hydrated. 

You may want to keep flares with you in case a plane flies by. If all these steps are done well and correctly, the probability of you being found will be likely.

Now as you can see on the board behind me, there are some names of mental institutions all around Sacramento. Getting lost is a serious thing and you will not always be found immediately. Sometimes it could take days, weeks, or even months. It could be a very traumatizing experience and the best way to cope with it is to speak about it. 

On the other hand, those who get lost for a short amount of time, although they wouldn’t feel it then but afterwards it would seem like a thrilling sense of adventure. It would make them feel something they would have never felt before. At least, that’s what I felt that is. 

To conclude my topic, I just wanted to remind this wonderful audience what a great time I have had educating you about this. I hope you all fix this information into your minds and if unfortunately, you actually do find yourself in a situation like this, whether you’re stranded in a desert or in the heart of a forest, you now won’t have to worry as much as you would have thirty minutes ago. Thank you so much for hearing me out everybody, and have a wonderful day.”

Q) You are writing a letter to the mayor of the town explaining the causes and effects of disastrous fires. By Javeria Husain




Street #17

November 15th, 2020



Street #20

Subject: The Causes and Effects of Recent Disastrous Fires

Dear Mayor,

The following letter has been composed to inform the addressee the issue regarding the recent increase in wildfires that have taken place in Sydney. It is known that the residents, in large, like lighting fires as it’s fascinating to watch flames and seek comfort from them.

However, due to a variety of activities and events such as:

  • Starting bonfires on the seaside
  • Fluctuating weather conditions
  • Cooking purposes
  • Forestry being easier and common 

Due to the above listed causes, wildfires have been taking place at a large, rapid scale, and must be brought to the addresse’s attention, as it is deteriorating our current environment and so that awareness can be brought up regarding this ongoing situation.

A rather recent incident that took place in Sydney which left Pinafore Forest with a stretch of rotten meat and a foul smelling pall of smoke.  Another that took place a couple of miles away caused more lives to be taken as the fire fled into their homes at the very last moment, leaving the surviving burn victims with permanent emotional trauma and loss of family members.  More effects of the dreadful fires include:

  • Property being destroyed permanently
  • People losing their jobs as offices burnt down
  • Global Warming taking place
  • Many houses being burnt in villages
  • Overall increase in air pollution 
  • Worsening living conditions

Facing this above crisis, and their long term effects, instant damage control is needed and important. These can be countered by utilising the Governments full and effective support such as managing the things that burn, clearing areas which are around grass for houses to be built, not building houses in forests, and having easy to contact, speedy units to atone to spreading wildfires, while saving people, too.

Strict laws and building restrictions can be imposed, to alert citizens and help minimise wildfires and its negative aftermath.

I hope the addressee takes this letter into consideration and takes immediate action against this issue.

Yours Sincerely,

Javeria Husain.

Q) A friend of yours is moving to another country. Write a letter to him or her offering support and giving information that will help. By Amaar Ali


E-11/3, street 65,

House 11/B

13th December, 2020

Dear Maaz,

Hey! How are you doing my friend? I hope you are doing well. It has been a long time since we met and I have been missing my childhood best friend a lot. The last time we met we had a visit to Monal if I am not wrong. We both have gone for trips on several occasions and so that’s why I don’t remember where we went the last time we met but I am pretty sure it was Monal.

Anyways, I’ve heard that you are moving to China on a course for three years congratulations! U know China is a perfect and unbelievable country (trust me). Cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin are extraordinary. U should definitely visit these places and have a wonderful experience. My brother went on a trip to china recently and he said it was stupendous!

However, you might face some problems as you will be new to the country. First of all there will be language issues as most of the people speak Chinese over there and very few speak English. In order to overcome this obstacle u will require a translator that will make things much easier. Secondly the food in China is a lot dissimilar compared to what we eat in Pakistan. For example they might order you a frog scorpion or even snakes! Gross right? But man don’t take tension there many restaurants in china which have proper food like chicken, rice and beef etc.

On the other hand, forget about the language issue and all that, there are numerous positive things to experience. Shanghai is not only the biggest city in China but it also has the most skyscrapers and guess what? It has the world’s second tallest building “The Shanghai Tower”. That tower is amazing. I will even send you some pictures of it. You will be astonished! Then there is Beijing (also a big city) consisting of several skyscrapers, boats and many other wonderful things and the people in China are extremely polite and humble. When my brother came from China most of the things he praised about were the people and their aspects.

I hope you enjoy your experience and stay safe. I hope you come back soon because I consider you like my brother and will be missing you a lot! Take great care, I am looking forward to hearing from



Q) A friend of yours is moving to another country. Write a letter to him or her offering support and giving information that will help. By Uzair Shah 


 22652 Ashburn 

Loudoun County, VA 

United States America 

October 26, 2020 

Dear Jacob, 

How have you been? It has been quite some time since the last time I wrote to you which I think was right before you left for Tokyo. It hasn’t really been the same without you. I miss all the trouble we used to get in at school and the forts we used to build behind my house. Look, I know you were never keen on moving let alone to an entirely different country across the world but you always have to see the bright side of things. I wanted to tell you that everything is going to work out and you are going to adjust in no time. 

Firstly, as a man with experience being in Japan as I have visited there myself once, you are going to constantly find traffic at every corner you turn. It is best if you rode a bike to travel to avoid traffic and just because I know how convenient you are with a bike. Of course what might be the biggest and most obvious thing you’ll notice is the difference in tongue. I will admit it was quite frustrating not being able to understand a language but after a lot of practice I am sure you will be fluent in Japanese within the next few years. Now your father will most likely put you into a new school by the end of summer so make sure you have at least a few words down by memory. Speaking of school, sorry to break it to you although you will find out anyways but you will be wearing a uniform instead of your normal everyday clothes. It may be annoying at first but it will feel fine after some time. 

Life may be a lot different from how it was back in the states. You are going to have to get accustomed to the food which is quite different to get used to. Chop sticks were never an easy utensil to use for me. I recommend you start practicing now as forks and spoons are not as common there. For example the rice there is not the same type you are accustomed to back here at home. It is more sticky which makes it easier to pick up with your chop sticks. There will also be other things you may not be comfortable with at first but in time you will learn to adapt. Another example is that there are usually no chairs when you eat at the dinner table. Now do not panic, I am not saying you have to stand while eating for the rest your life. From now on you will have to eat sitting on the floor. You might be wondering, “how will I reach the table?” I am glad you asked. The table will only reach up to your shins so you won’t have to reach up to grab your meals. The places you’ll go will be filled with lights and attractions. It is a very busy city and not as loud as it is here in the suburban areas which is usually more silent than space itself after 10:00 pm. 

Now I don’t want you to feel depressed this entire time you are gone. I know, I feel quite uneasy that I have one less person to sit with at lunchtime myself but I want you to be happy where you are now. Make new friends, try new things, and learn different cultures. I’m sure the students in the school you’re transferred to will be really willing to be friends with someone who is from abroad and has knowledge and experience about the western world. Who wouldn’t? Plus, I know how much of a fan you are of video games, well I’ve heard that most of the video games were produced here in that very city. You can drive over there anytime you want and on a road that doesn’t have any potholes and cracked roads. Their infrastructure is very efficient. 

Honestly, be more grateful. Your caring friend has spent up all this time to write you a letter just to make sure you fit in and adjust proceedingly. I am not rushing you or saying you need to get all of this done by tomorrow or anything like that. Take your time and who knows, maybe you will like it there more than your previous home. I don’t know how long this will take to deliver to you or why I didn’t email when that is so much faster but I like to lead a vintage life. I hope you and your family are doing well. Tell them I said hello. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you. 

Your friend,