Q) How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meaning? By Zaaria Fahd


In this text, the writer Matt Inman talks about his experience of getting lost in Korea. He focuses on the idea that ‘its silly to get upset when things take a different course than you wanted.” Throughout this text there is a genuine and optimistic theme that almost suddenly puts the reader in a spontaneous or adventurous mood and with a particularly positive outlook on life.

 The writer has written this text in a first person narrative. His writing style as shown is very casual as if he is telling a story of his to a friend. You can see he is trying to include a smart amount of suspense for the reader. This can be seen from his efforts of including details such as him being lost in Korea with not being very good at speaking Korean. Although it seems that in way the writer is trying to convey a message to the reader. This is that we should make the most of bad times.

This brings me to my next argument which is his constant reminder to the reader that they should never feel bad when they are in a crisis and that positive thinking is the right thing to do. He talks about how if you are already in a tough situation, negative thinking will not help whereas positive thinking can lighten your mood and give you some hope. This is a constant theme throughout for example when the writer says, “All of these things can be extremely frustrating but as I walked down those unknown streets with a limp, and rain falling on my face, I couldn’t help but smile.”

My last argument is that the writer talks about experiencing the best life you can overall. His spontaneous and cheerful attitude shows the reader that they should live life to the fullest and never look back. This attitude Could change someones entire outlook on their life and give them a brand new perspective. 

Overall, in my opinion this text is a great inspiration to those who are held back due to the fear of not being able to fully live their life. It shows that something as different as getting lost in Korea can be turned into a whole new situation of adventure, experience and enjoyment. 

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