Q) How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meaning? By Maryam Sheikh


“Getting lost” the title of the text is rather simple and needs no deep explanation. The story is recent and takes place in Korea. The writer planned to take a trip the the green tea fields in Boseong. The author begins his journey by getting on a train to the green tea fields and, as he does that he explains that his whole intention was to get lost or have a mini adventure.the writer seems quite adventurous and daring, daring enough to get lost in a foreign country. As he began his train ride he decided to read a book. As he reached a change over confusion struck him, he tried asking the driver for help but due to the language barrier he couldn’t help. He got off and looked up where he had to go on his phone. The writer had previously mentioned that he thanked the universe for smart phones cause without them we’d be lost. Well here he was lost alone in a foreign country. He managed to find out that he was supposed to go. The language is quite simple in the text and quite easy to understand. The text is written in medium sized paragraphs and small paragraphs. The theme is quite interesting as it is about challenges and how to overcome them and how to be positive. In the end this trip was worth it for him. 

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