Q) How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meaning? By Anna Khattak 


This is a passage taken from the Washington post and is titled “some birds are so stressed by noise pollution it looks like they have PYSD.” 

The structure is that of an article ,the genre is nonfiction.The language of the passage is simple yet engaging and the audience can range from young adults to adults. The tone of the passage is semi formal while the purpose is to inform the reader. 

The author has used quite a bit of pathos throughout the passage,we can see this in the lines “the bluebird didn’t realise what she was getting herself into”, “her stress hormone levels become skewed”, etc. 

These have an intended effect of invoking a sense of pity for the bird, in the audience. 

Another literary technique used by the author is the use of triples, “noise pollution ,abnormal levels of stress hormones and lower survival rates”, this has an intended effect of engaging the readers, making the passage more interesting and overall making the passage flow easily. 

Throughout the text we also see a lot of quotes from medical experts and experts on the topic, for example “noise is causing birds to be… offsprings”, “There’s evidence that being able to have a full auditory experience is essential for optimal health in both species” etc. This makes the passage seem more well researched ,professional and believable. 

The author has also used Jargon sporadically throughout the passage, for example “cardiovascular problems”, “ constant arousal and hyper vigilance” etc This has an intended effect of again making the passage more professional and well researched and also helps engage the reader more. 

The writer has used short dramatic sentences abundantly in the passage, we can see these in the lines “But this was an acoustic degradation of the environment” , “it gets really tricky” these have an intended effect of making the passage more dramatic and interesting to read.

The author has also used references in the passage for example , “Goldilocks distance” This makes the passage more interesting for the reader. 

With the use of these stylistic and linguistic devices the author has been able to deliver his point quite clearly to the audience, while simultaneously engaging them in the passage.

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