Q) How has the author used style and language to convey meaning? By Alisher Janassayev


The passage written by Matt Inman named getting lost is about how foreign tourist is getting lost in totally different environment for him. He was traveling to Korea, Boesong Green Tea Fields. This trip to Korea will forever remain in his head. 

The form of this passage is a story. Matt Inman, is a story about how a tourist got lost in an absolutely hopeless situation. Writer has given a hyperbole in the lines 3-4. “I thank the universe for smartphones”. It create a larger-than-life effect and overly stress a specific point. In his situation, the smartphone became his main savior. 

On the bus stop, he couldn’t relax and focus on his book. This certain feeling of insecurity was present in the author. He started his nervousness from the fact that he had never overcome such a path to the fact that was he sitting at the right bus stop. 

Passage discovered the theme of getting lost, unknown city and language barrier. the language barrier played a major role when he tried to ask the driver about rightness of his path. The audience of a passage is: travelers, future tourist of Korea and thrill fans. 

Author has given absolute hopelessness. He added about his injured leg and outside rain. A terrible picture emerges as a tourist in an unknown city for him got lost with a wounded leg and in the rain. He took out his half-dead phone and started downloading the Subway map. This is how he got to his right path. 

Writer has given an irony, “ All is these thing can be extremely frustrating, as I walked down those unknown streets with a limp and raining on my face, I couldn’t help but smile”. In such a difficult situation, not everyone can smile. We see that the author has come to terms with the situation, with a smile on his face he went to look for a way out of this problem. 

In final analysis, the author never regrets this trip, although he still did not reach his destination. The author justifies this by the fact that without all this, without a broken leg and without rain, his story would be boring and only about Korea. Perhaps with this he showed Korea from the other side.

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