Q) How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meaning? By Unzila Mati


 The writer has utilised several techniques to make the article interesting, compelling and informative. The purpose to write this article or report is to inform readers of the growing problem of noise pollution. The target audience ranges from teens to adults to the elderly. The language here is semi-formal and the tone is serious, thoughtful, worried and commanding.

The writer has used a variety of devices to inform the reader of the consequences of noise pollution towards wildlife, specifically birds. He writes about the mental health of birds and how the problem is impacting them in a certain way, such as the large, unsettling sound of natural gas treatment facilities causes stress levels to peak (her stress hormone levels became skewed), a bird losing it’s feathers even though it is noise tolerant (a common, hardy species, that is generally considered to be noise tolerant, was smaller, it’s feather’s bedraggled), which shocks the readers, and the risk of predators (Animals are constantly surveying their environment and making decisions based on risk. And one thing noise does is degrade this really important channel).By writing so, the writer manages to surprise the readers and immediately helps to get an overwhelming response. In addition, it uses logos and has quoted experts in it to make it believable and reasonable, which the author successfully does, for example, when the author writes, ‘ “The body is just starting to break down,” Lowry said’.

The purpose is to highlight and bring the fact into account. Although the report is meant to inform and aware the readers of the problem of pollution to help make it serious, it uses pathos and emotional diction to make the readers realise how big the problem is. Which is the reason why such an overwhelming response occurs by the reader. For example, ‘Scientists couldn’t ask the bluebird what she was feeling. But when they sampled the bird’s blood, as part of a two-hundred and forty nesting sites surrounding natural gas treatment). The language used is semi-formal by the use of words such as ‘vigilance’ and ‘bluebird’ for example. This helps to maintain the serious tone and helps to make the audience take the topic seriously.

The audience is mainly, adolescence to the old along with nature and animal lovers. By presenting such a subject , especially to people who enjoy the outdoors and animals, it encourages them to do something quickly to stop this situation that is negatively affecting the environment. Additionally, the topic of climate change has risen and has brought action into the planet. So, by showing such a topic to the audience during such a time, actions can be taken more quickly as people will listen, merely due to many evidence. 

In conclusion, the writer successfully highlights the topic, informs the reader by presenting facts and experts’ advice and it has a serious and emotional tone. It is effective, achieving an immediate response.

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