Q) How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meaning? By Saniyah Kashif.


The title of this text is “Human noise pollution is everywhere, even in the national parks.” The author of this extract is Sarah Kaplan. This text is an article describing the harmful effects of noise pollution. It is structured in mainly short paragraphs with a variation of sentence structure. The purpose of this extract is to inform the reader what effects we, humans, have on our environment. The writer has used both colourful and loaded words in her writing. The audience intended for this writing are young adults, adults and people interested in the natural environment of the earth. The tone of the text is positive and formal.

The writer has used triples in her writing, to add emphasis to her point, to engage the reader and make them feel involved. Some examples of this are,“Frighten, distract or harm animals,” and, “growling car engines, children shrieking nearby, mining and drilling taking place miles away.” 

The writer has also used alliteration such as, “So subtle,” “human health,” “shuttle systems,” and, “sounds scare.” This adds emphasis, reinforces meaning, is highly emotive, and creates an image in the reader’s mind.

The use of personification like,“Whistling of wind”and, “whispering branches of the trees.” engages the reader, adds weight to the authors point, and makes the reader feel involved. 

Evidence in the form of the journal science is used, “Human noises at least double the background sound levels”and “63 percent of protected areas experienced at least a three decibel increase in sound levels caused by noise pollution” this adds weight to back up the authors point, makes a particular point to persuade and positions the reader.

All of these devices help the author to convey their message.  

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