Q) How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meaning? By Rehan Awan.


The extract of “Human noise pollution is everywhere,even in the national parks” by Sarah Kaplan. The purpose of this is to inform the audience about national parks and the wilderness. The tone of the passage is semi formal.Language is quite simple for everyone to read easily.The audience of this extract can be all adults to young children.

It has been presented as a third person perspective.

The writer has shown facts to make his point more authentic and creditable for instance also influences the reader to agree with the writer for instance in the extract “But every 30 minutes, a jet flew overhead, shattering the fragile calm…”

Statistics have also been used in the extract to back up his facts as can be seen in the passage “14 percent of critical habitat were in the 10-decibel category”. Intended effect of statistics is to make the writers claim more real and authentic, it also hooks the reader and conveys them to read more and makes it a bit interesting.

In this extract, Personification is shown in the beginning for instance “ The whistling of the wind”.This makes the reader more interested in the extracted and makes him wanting to read more as the writer uses it in the beginning so the reader reads the whole extract with excitement, 

The writer has used quotation of some experts “When we think about wilderness,we think about dark skies, going to see outstanding scenery,” said Megan Mekenna, a scientist” by using quotation of experts the writer proves the point and grabs the reader’s attention and also gain the trust of the reader.

The writer uses jargon in the text as , “buffer-zones, HVAC systems” by this the writer makes it interesting for the reader to read and also makes the reader wanting to read more and is interested.

Finally, the writer successfully conveys idea through this extract about wilderness and nature. 

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