Q) How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meaning? By Ghazan Ali.


This text “Getting Lost” is a story written by Matt Inman. The genre of the text this time is non-fiction and it contains themes of being oblivious and about how you should learn from your mistakes instead of sulking around about them. The text is written in first person and uses tons of descriptive words, as it’s written in a descriptive style. The purpose of it is to inform people about travelling, and to tell the audience about his mistakes so that people do not repeat them. I think the audience would consist of the age range of children to young adults and aspiring travelers, as they would more likely relate to this because they do not have experience in travelling. 

The writer of this extract uses many linguistic devices in the text, one of many being figures of speech. He uses metaphors such as “concrete idea” or “go with the flow”. The effect this has is that it creates a very vivid and clear image for the audience’s mind. He also uses alliterations such as “towards the terminal”, the effect this has is by using patterns it is easier for the human brain to remember certain things, so the author uses this device to cement an idea into the reader’s brain and it helps accentuate his point to a huge extent. 

Secondly, the language used in this extract is not too heavy and is rather simplistic and easy to understand. He uses words and phrases such as, “Nothing unexpectedly awesome happened” and “My Korean is virtually non-existent”. These phrases in my opinion have an informal look about them, so it is more relatable for the intended audience and it will pique their interest. The use of simple language also gives the passage a relaxed feeling about it and it can eradicate peoples boredom as they read it casually.

Next, the author also makes use of the device of imagery in a very good manner. He describes his surroundings in the essay, for example when he says “It was raining and I had an injured foot” or “I walked down those unknown streets with a limp and rain falling on my face”. Again this creates a painting for the audience and they can almost see through the readers eyes themselves. It makes them feel as if they are there and it is a great way to keep them interested in the extract, otherwise the essay would just be long and tiring to read.

A recurring facet in this passage is, the author easily getting lost which I am sure you can easily tell through the title of the passage. He says things like, “ limping around a completely foreign city” and “ I kept wandering the streets”. Now what I think the author has kept on repeating this for is because if this were just a story about him going to his destined location it would be dry. So, he mentions the hardships that he went through to get there, this can also be a good way to gain the sympathy of the readers and it will also keep them attentive. Other than these two factors it is also a lesson for people who want to travel or do like to travel.

Other than that, the writer subtly uses indirect involvement. He uses it through the linguistic device of a rhetorical question. He says in his passage, “ If I had just gone straight to Boseong with no issues on the way. Where would have been the fun in that?”. The use of a rhetorical question is that it makes the readers feel involved so the writer now has their attention and they are engrossed in the passage. After further involving the audience the author will force them to think what they would do if they were in that situation. 

In conclusion, with the smart use of many linguistic devices which are peppered throughout the passage, it helps keep the extract interesting and elevates the writer’s work to another level.

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