Q) How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meaning? By Eman Bakht


This passage is titled ‘Some birds are so stressed by noise pollution it looks like they have PTSD’, the author has used a catchy title to grab the reader’s attention and persuade them into reading
the whole passage. The purpose of this piece of writing is to inform as it is informing people about noise pollution and what it does to birds. The tone of this passage is semi-formal as the writer talks about a
serious topic.

The writer gives expert opinion in the passage as there are names given, such as ‘Guralnick’ and ‘lowry’, this is used to make the passage more authentic and make the reader agree with the writer. The writer has used logos throughout the passage, this claim can be justified through the words ‘scientists’ and ‘Florida museum of Natural history’. This has been done to give authenticity to the claims made by the writer as well as give a sense of seriousness to the passage.

The writer uses the word ‘Stress’ many times throughout the passage to emphasise on its importance.

The writer has asked the reader a question in the passage, ‘Why is hearing so important to health?’ to engage the reader and keep the reader hooked. The writer also uses  the word ‘You’ to engage the

The writer also uses an alliteration ‘Take a toll’ to achieve the same effect which is too grab the reader’s attention and keep them hooked.

The use of dialogues in the passage,such as, ‘ “The body is just starting to break down,” Lowry said.’ This is to convey the points stated to the reader more clearly and so the reader can understand them better.

The writer also uses personification,’the days and weeks wore on’, to add a little colour to the text and interests the reader.

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