Q) How has the writer of the text used style and language to convey meanings. By Ahmad Raja


The title of this passage is, ‘some birds are so stressed by noise pollution it looks like they have PTSD’. This passage is taken out from the Washington post. This passage is having a mixture of short to medium sized paragraphs with short simple sentences to long compound-complex sentences. The tone is interactive and semi-formal. The main purpose of the passage is to explain and inform the readers about the severe problem of noise-pollution and its consequences.

Firstly, the writer has put a beautiful picture of a western bluebird in the start, right under the title of the passage. This picture helps the writer to grab the reader’s mind and the reader gets a complete idea on what we will be talking about in the passage and he does not get bored.

Secondly. The writer has used dialogues at many places such as, ‘-“You can imagine being in a state of constant arousal and hypervigilance,”-’, ‘-“The body is just starting to break down.”-’

This helps the writer to get the reader’s attention and dialouges make it easy for the reader to comprehend as he/she feels like someone is directly talking to them. A sense of tru talk is given by dialogues.

Thirdly, the writer has used a lot of expert advice such as, ‘-Rob Guralnick, associate

curator of biodiversity informatics at the Florida Museum of Natural History.-’

Expert advice has a strong grasp on the reader’s mind as they feel like they are being well informed by well educated and knowledgeable people.

Fourthly, the writer has used facts and actual stories like, ‘The bluebird didn’t realize what she was getting herself into when she chose her new home,about 75 yards from a natural gas compressor’. These stories make an image in the reader’s mind and they imagine everything happening to the poor creature.

Fifthly, the writer has used questions in the passage such as, ‘Why is hearing so important to health?’ This is a way to answer the readers questions and they feel like they’re being given importance and keep on reading the passage.

Sixthly, the writer has used second person words like, ‘you know’ , ‘You can.’ This gives importance to the reader as they feel they are being talked and catered to directly and hence feel special and go on reading the passage.

In conclusion, the writer is successful in conveying whatever he wanted to convey to the reader and has made an impact with his words.

*This is an example of what you should avoid doing while writing an analysis or AO2.*

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