Q))Comment on how the writer has use language and technique to carry his point across to the reader. By Umer Ali Abbasi


The title of this text is “Some birds are so stressed by noise pollution seems as if they have PTSD” and it is written by the Washington Post.From the title alone we can see that the author is trying to compare birds to humans as this way humans will be able to grasp the topic better. The purpose of this article is solely to inform the reader about the effects that our noise pollution has on the animals that live among us. Since the publisher is The Washington post, hence the audience targets are huge.This article caters to readers of all ages be it teens, adults or even senior citizens. The theme of this article is noise pollution and how we humans affect animals.

Firstly the author starts right off the back with a personification, “Take a toll”.Through this personification he is trying to tell his audience that because of our actions birds have to pay the price. By using a personification to do so he is also entertaining the audience and presenting his idea in an undisputable manner. Since usually only humans have to take a toll he can make his audience understand his point even better.

Secondly, he uses an alliteration, “normal noises”. By this he means to compare the noise of the surroundings the noise of the gas compressor. He demonstrates the effect that the  compressor has on the birds and how it damages their ability to hear overall.By using an alliteration he maintains color in his article and manages to keep it interesting. He uses this as a hook to keep his audience in place want them reading more.

Thirdly ,he uses another personification as his main goal here is to make his audience feel sympathetic for the birds and put themselves in the bird’s place and judge if what’s happening to them is right. the personification he uses is, “Stress hormone levels became skewed”. Since usually only humans have stress hormone levels that high it would be a perfect comparison and his readers would be able to better understand his stance

Moving on the tone that the author uses it’s clearly dark, sad and not optimistic at all.This can be seen through his use of words such as “if they survived at all”.Here he is very negative and sad about the fact that these birds could very well die. this sad and dark tone appeals to the audience it awakes their conscience and makes them want do something about it to make a change. this perfectly serves the authors purpose In conveying his point of view.

Furthermore, he uses quotations. He quotes scientist and researchers , “Animals are constantly surveying their environment. By the use of quotation his audience is bound to agree with all of his points as they are reinforced by solid facts and they cannot counter them as they are being supported by researchers and scientists.

Also, the author uses triples here and there to keep his article interesting colorful and bright. For example, “Noise pollution, abnormal levels of stress hormones, and lower survival.” Here he is trying to tell his audience that these three things are interlinked and changing one drastically affects the other.Choosing triples to do this is a very smart play from the author as from even a glance over the line one can see these three things and make sense out of them easily.

Finally he also uses a rhetorical question, he does so to engage with this audience , to make them realize and question themselves in their own head.To get them thinking about the authors perspective and eventually agree with him. For example , “Why is hearing so important for health” Initially this may seem as a very simple question but when the audience gets thinking about it they realize that if hearing is important for them it would be important for birds as well”

So in conclusion the author uses multiple techniques to add color and light to his passages but ironically has kept the tone really dark. He makes use of personifications and  alliterations to convey his points in a thoughtful manner. He provides quotations, facts and undisputable arguments. This makes it hard for the audience to disagree and they end up agreeing with the authors perspective overall.

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