Q)Comment on how the writer has use language and technique to carry his point across to the reader. By Abdullah Malik


This passage was taken from ‘Some birds are so stressed by noise pollution it looks like they have ptsd.’ which was taken from the Washington Post. This passage serves as informative and also to entertain the reader. The author tries to carry out the passage’s purpose, of carrying information and displaying it to the reader, while also keeping him interested and entertained. The author needs to get his point across of spreading the message of how bad pollution is for the environment but he can only achieve his goal by telling the reader a story. By painting a picture in his mind. This keeps the reader interested. 

The author tries to achieve this purpose by using different styles and a variety of words and sentence structures. The author tries to make his passage stand out by displaying information while also telling a story, keeping it enjoyable for the general audience. The audience consists of mostly adults and young adults. The passage is presented as formal. 

The author uses a flavourful structure in this passage to keep the reader interested. He writes in short to medium sized paragraphs so as to keep the reader involved. He does not dwell into writing long paragraphs as he must feel that the vast majority of the audience would get bored. 

The author doesn’t use many figures of speech, instead he tries to paint a picture in the reader’s mind using his diction. These help to portray the author’s message in the reader’s mind, which also helps to strengthen his message. 

The author writes in a soft tone so as to make his words seem kind and of comfort. This acts as a rope and draws the reader in. 

The author makes use of simple and complex words and no humour so as to not confuse the reader but also to keep it from being too simple. The author also uses a combination of simple, compound, and complex sentences. This keeps the sentences different from one another, and develops a relationship with the reader. 

The author also makes use of facts and statistics to bias the reader towards his point of view such as “240 nesting sites in Northern New Mexico”. This reminds the reader that the author has evidence behind his claims. 

The author also uses many references so as to win over the reader’s mind to his views. He uses many, to name a few: “said Rob Curalnick curator of biodiversity informatics at the Florida museum of natural history,” or, “in a paper published in the National academy of sciences”. 

I believe the writer has succeeded in getting his message across to the reader. He has successfully included the information he needed to while also keeping the reader involved and entertained. He uses a variety of sentence structures, vocabulary, and different styles to get his point across.

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