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“Tour Nature: Wild and untamed”

This article discusses and talks about the respective writer’s wondrous and outwardly experience whilst he explored nature and its idiosyncrasies. 

By: Fasih-Ul-Hassan Taqvi

Date: 8th October 2020

Alright you’re already stressed about the upcoming exams. Most of you folks are rummaging through your $400 finance book that you’ve never opened. Some of you might be scrolling your phone’s pages hastily to contact your friend and rant about how much you loathe college. But to make matters worse, BAM, the college newspaper that no one practically reads, knocks on your front door. But hear me out on this one, because this article is good for your general well being.  

Are you willing to find a solution to the never-ending pressure and anxiety? A gateway to a much welcomed, temporary state of solitude and bliss. Well here I am the doctor, and I shall prescribe to my dear patients (you viewers) the antidote. Travelling. There is a famous quote, “travelling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller”. When you are greeted by the benevolent gaze of canoeing, or the daunting sport of abseiling, all of that exam tension will be lifted and occupied by excitement instead. So I’ll let you in on my little clandestine adventure and how I got rid of my shaky nerves.

  • What activities can you participate in

First things first, my rendezvous was to a little town in Spain, that appears as a small dot on the global map. As proven by science, exercise is a key tool in reducing stress and anxiety. Exercise releases endorphins, a chemical that acts as a natural painkiller which not only improves sleeping habits, but gets rid of stress. Now some of you must be dreading and loathing the notion of exercise and having to get up from your cozy mattress, but I’m not referring to crunches or planks. I’m talking about physical activities, including sports. Yes hiking with friends whilst creating boomerangs on the “gram” is included. 

Now in terms of activities I participated in, one of the most thrilling was zip-lining. For those who are not acquainted with the sport of zip lining, you are stationed on the edge of a platform. Fortunately, there are safety measures; hence your body is connected to a rope that is connected to a steel cable that stretches 500 ft down the slope. Usually the art of zip lining is done over verdant shrubs or in extreme circumstances, violent rapids and hostile gorges. It’s less of a physical activity, but more of a mental one. Every single muscle in your body shall resist the exuberant and foolish orders of your brain. But here me out. Take a deep breath, forget fear is actually a real thing, and close your eyes and then leap. 

In short, zip lining for me was like one of those dreams, or nightmares, where you are perilously falling to your unfortunate end. Yet the chances of death are non-existent, and you can liken the rope and parachute to the opening of eyes and awakening to reality after that terrible dream. You can picture zip-lining as the safest mode of free-falling that includes bungee jumping and abseiling. After that zip-lining ordeal, I started valuing life from a different perspective, heck I kissed the ground when Mr. Lark got me down. 

  • What I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy. My recommendations to you

Now some of you might not be infatuated by the idea of paying to be scared. Things like horror movies or gory serials aren’t your thing. Luckily in these Spanish travel lodges, zip-lining isn’t your only option. You can sample certain activities like hiking, or camping, with the other young adults, under the dense forest of redwoods and Cedars, whilst overlooking the snow capped peaks that effortlessly surpass 8000 ft. The voices and laughter of 200 students bubbled and echoed through the forest like hot broth. 

I highly endorse holding a karaoke competition, even the greatest cameras of Canon can not capture the euphoria and joy we felt whilst we cavorted to cheesy songs and guffawed at our companions terrible vocal skills. We gave the name to our camp “the den of crows”, because like crows, our singing was ear-piercing. 

Other options that I really savoured and enjoyed were swimming and having a dip with my mates in the volcanic springs and teal stained lakes of the Alps. Taking a bath in the volcanic springs is a first-class form of a massage. Even better, it moisturizes the skin and can heal eczema. I remember most of my group spending their final hours working out in the pool, or paddling around like poodle dogs. When we ran out of ideas, or were too tired because of our activities, most of us would play cards. 

If you really think you’re brave, or if you have a big ego, you can combat and battle the turbulent streams and rapids roaming the dense forests in the new sport of canoeing. Canoeing was the most thrilling and nerve-racking activity of them all. I loved and hated it. It’s the perfect way to unveil nature’s bipolar side and test your mental strength and personal limits. It’s a ticket to forgetting those mistakes and rubbish that you wrote in your late GCSE’s or SAT’s, final exams, you get what I mean. 

Now without a doubt, it’s quite dangerous. Don’t worry, there are tight security and safety regulations and the tour guides present, give tips and lectures over how to behave, how to avoid mishaps and accidents. Most importantly, there is an emergency plan in place that is undertaken in case of someone getting severely injured. Our tour guide was Mrs. Boulding, a fitness enthusiast and an eccentric lady who believed canoeing was the champion of sports. She would say, “All men were created equal, but then some became canoers”. Her husband was given the connotation “Elk King”, because he would brag about the time how a group of elks came towards him and ate out of his hands. Or how he shot three elks dead when he was in Canada. 

The adrenaline activity of canoeing at first was fun and exciting, but slowly turned into a drudge for me. Instead of following orders, the other teens and young adults began smacking the raft against the river bed and the wall of cyclonical rocks. Yes, I battled my inner fear of drowning, but it really wasn’t too enjoyable. The wetsuit made me feel like a boiling egg and I got blisters on my legs due to constant exposure to water. I had to spend three grueling days of my one month tenure to Spain because of the reckless attitude of others. (for god’s sake just stick to the basic canoeing manual on www.BossCanoeing.com) I also had to deal with incessant bullying from my friends, so for me canoeing is a no go. 

  • What I learnt

Jokes aside, I really valued the time that I spent away from the college campus. Instead of jotting down points or scribbling my hours away on the copy writing about Psychology, I utilized my time to relax. You could say I meditated my stress away; however I also worked on my fears and conquered them. Fear of heights: gone, fear of wild animals gone! Fear of death: GONE!

As a wise man said “In the end we only regret the chances we don’t take”

So I implore my viewers and fellow peers, get up from the sofa and book your next ticket to your dream destination. Forget about the exams, find a spot within your budget and get a group of friends that can go with you! Also, spending some time in the wild, free from the clutches of electronics, improves focus and strengthens retention power. You respective observers would be pleased to learn that your efficiency in college will likely be higher than before. I went from C’s to straight A’s. On the contrary, exercise will reduce risk of mental diseases like depression and insomnia. I went from C’s to straight A’s. But that’s my job, to get the latest tea and piece of advice to you readers. Take care, see you later. 

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