Write a story entitles ‘It was all for nothing’ by Areesha Fatima


(sigh) It had been two weeks since my younger brother Jacob had been lost. Jacob has always been a clever, confident young boy with unlimited energy and as mom likes to put it, “He’s an energy bomb!”

Basically, about two weeks ago, on his tenth birthday, my family and I went on a picnic to this breath-taking meadow surrounded by coniferous trees. There we sat on a hand-embroidered cloth while Jacob was very busy making new friends and discussing about whose football they should play with. “Don’t go too far Jacob.” said mom as she smiled at him. We were eating freshly baked cinnamon rolls when I looked to my right and Jacob wasn’t there. “Wait, what? Dad, wasn’t Jacob playing here a few minutes ago?” “What? Yes, he was. Where did he go?” said my father with a confused expression.

We started looking for him. It was like he vanished into thin air. Upon finding his friends at a distance, we asked them about Jacob. They said that he went after the football. So, my parents and I scattered and went looking for him at different directions. Our voices echoed, as we shouted “Jacob, where are you?” 

Without any doubt, it was the sunniest day I had ever seen. The scorching heat of the sun was literally melting us and the thoughts of not finding Jacob was even worsening the situation.

There was no response. Jacob was nowhere to be found.

At last, we had realized that it is time to call the police now. So, we did so. My mother started weeping and I consoled her. The policemen were five to ten minutes away. As they reached, my father informed them of the situation and showed them Jacob’s pictures. They told us to calm down and went looking for him.

I felt as if my heart was shattering into pieces as I was pretty close to him. Probably, the closest.

The policemen came back and told us to go home while they would keep searching for him around this territory. We packed up our stuff, literally stuffed up everything in the picnic basket and drove off. As we arrived, we saw the main door of the house unlocked, we were quite astonished.

As I opened the door, there sat Jacob on the couch watching TV. I was like “Hold up, is this real?” He looked at us and said, “Oh hi, I thought that the picnic was getting quite boring and I saw my friend’s watch and remembered that it was my favorite football team’s final match…” Mom said, “What?” “Wait, let me continue, so I thought that as I am finally ten years old now, I’ll take a taxi and come home all by myself.” said Jacob proudly.

So, all that sweat, thoughts of losing Jacob, tears, fear, confusion, all those feelings. It was all for nothing? Wow, absolutely nothing.

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