Q) You have been asked to investigate the effect of social networking sites on teenagers. Write a letter to the head of department regarding your findings. By Ali Ul Quder


Oak’s Tower,

Pine Road,


5th November 2019

Birch Plaza #4,

Silver Maple Center,


Subject: This letter is about the effect of social networking sites on teenagers.

Dear Mr.Roger Waters,

The undersigned was recently given a task to investigate the effect of social networking sites on teenagers. This letter is about the undersigned’s research on the effects of social media on teenagers and the viewpoint of teenagers.

Nowadays, it is pretty common to see children walking around with a thin but prominent bulge in their pockets. It is a rare, unexpected, awkward sight to see one without a phone or any medium through which one accesses social networking sites. Sir, on an average one hundred and fifty million users, use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and there is no need to persuade anyone that children add up this figure. Neurologists like Susan Oliver have proved to adults and teenagers that their life depends on logging on to social networking sites. Also, according to the research of the undersigned, it is clear that teenagers cannot end their day without turning their devices on. Ages below nineteen are frequently active.

They are not satisfied that their day has ended the way it should have been. This results in little to no family time.

Moving on, many psychologists and neuroscientists believe that social networking sites may be doing more harm than good. The effects of social media on teenagers are numerous. They are as follows:

  1. Teenagers lack the ability to concentrate or communicate with people outside the screen. This results in social relations to deteriorate and confidence to fade away.
  2. Teenagers have extremely poor attention spans. This results in them to not concentrate on the teacher’s lecture.
  3. They do not engage themselves in recreational activities like sports. Using their gadgets would result in them being deluded, lazy, unproductive members of society.
  4. Using social networking sites would result in them being keyboard warriors and depressed at the same time. This would affect their mental health and stress them out even more.

Not only have adults but also teenagers have agreed that social networking sites have affected their lives. Teenagers are affected by social networking sites that change their attitude and alters the behavior as explicit content is accessed by them.

Furthermore, the main purpose of this letter is to inform and persuade the addressee about the effects of social networking sites and what the teenager’s viewpoints are.

The undersigned’s research signifies that 26% of teenagers are not greatly affected by using social networking sites and it does not affect their studies.

However, the advocates (teenagers) think of this as a false viewpoint. They think that the percentage is greater than this.

Teenagers think that they are not affected by the use of networking sites and that it is beneficial for them to stay updated in this modernized world. They also believe these effects aforementioned are nothing but misconceptions.

For now, this is all to be stated about the effects of social networking sites. It is hoped that the undersigned has successfully proved their point and has persuaded the addressee.

It is hoped that the addressee can take action and progress this issue further.

Yours sincerely,

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Ali Ul Quder. 

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