Q) Write a story about a Perilous Experience By Hafsah Nauman

A pouncing pariah, pacing the parameters of Prague. Poor Piotr, once a pioneer that provided a plethora of pertinence, practicality plus, persistence- pushed over precious land by a perilous plot, painted by Piotr’s perfidious protege. Painfully, the past prodigy, putative prays passively, preparing patiently for the punitive Patryck to become penitent.

“Pray thee, pay a penny to hear of the perilous ploy of Patryck Padlo Penzik the peevish of Prague?”

A pied-piper’s song played past plateaus, during pre-harvest time. The people of Prague were puzzled and proceeded to ponder all possibilities, for you see a pied-pepper’s melody portrayed possible petrifying problems. Paranoid people created a proxysm. Panacea procedures had to be proposed, pronounced and performed publicly and proudly; putting pressure on Piotr.

Pacing around, putting the pains and paranoia of the people on his pronounced shoulders. Purposefully, Prague pointed their attention to passe pioneer, passed out from paramount indulgence in his pen work. Piotr payed for the pied-piper’s play and began to point himself to the produce. Pre-harvest made people patiently plant and produce peppers, particularly, pickled peppers. At which point people cried, perplexed, “ If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?”

The poor peasants perished, planting and planting led to the provocation of pain. Prague placed an prosecution and put Peter Piper on trial. Paid off by Patryck and preventing himself from going to prison. Poisoning the legacy of Piotr, Peter Piper proclaimed, “Priotr Penccilin Pointer has the perfume of pickled peppers protruding from him!”

Patryck placed pickled peppers in his pocket and sat peculiarly close to Priotr, painting him as a pickle pepper thief. The prosecutor proclaimed for his pen-work to perish and burn and for him to only walk across the perimeter of Prague.

What peril the poor old pouncing pariah, who was once a pioneer faced. Painstakingly, waiting for Patryk to become penitent.

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