Q. Describe a stranger in a crowd.


There a man stood in the middle of a herd of people. 

His appearance could be seen from miles away. With oval shaped spectacles and different painted eyes, he became the center of attention. His quite sterner attitude was depicted from the way he stood tall above the ground. His hands were quietly resting in his pockets. What was all of this about? Why was he the center of attention? What was so special about him?

A smell of confusion had filled the horizon. It was not only one person staring at him, the whole crowd at the train station has their eyes on him.

His bright blue pen has made its place in the front pocket of his coat. As he smoked a cigar, and blew the air, his fierce, different painted eyes twitched. Twitched, once more.

Proceeding, his rain-coat had him all covered up on the sunniest day of the year. He took out his hand from the pocket and his stained teeth went for a smirk.

The train station smelt like petrol but now the smell of confusion was turning into the smell of dark and despair when the cigar’s smoke enhanced the aroma.

A gale blew. His rain-coat flew.

He quickly started covering himself. What was he hiding?

The noise of him clicking his pen echoed and was as loud as an airplane taking off.

People surrounding him, kept staring at him but no one asked him anything nor did he ask anyone. There was a state of complete confusion.

His crusty lips and half-hidden scars (hidden with sun-screen) reflected the negative side of this cold, cold world. Something was disturbing the crowd.

The man’s shady personality with a tint of glow on his face had caught everyone’s attention.

In this time of confusion, he stood there. Smirking. Trying to hide all his mysterious past. He was unable to do so. His fake glow showed his dark past.

Repeatedly, his different painted eyes (one hazel and one greyish-black) twitched. It was like his eyes were speaking for him.

He was the most odd person ever! Rain-coat on a sunny day. Different painted eyes. Smoking a cigar. Everything was unique! There were no signs of any similarity between him and rest of the people in this world.

He was unique!

He was different!

He was peculiar!

He was unknown!

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