Q) Describe a moment of utmost Happiness by Arisha Tahir


The Sun had just begun to rise as a canopy of gold, bright amid the soft tones of blue, bidding the stars to their nightly rest. As darkness gradually surrendered, dawn arrived with a musical silence, the soul hearing melodies which the ears could not. I stood outside the airport with my luggage in hand, letting the moment sink in and soothe me from the core to right out where the nascent rays touched my skin. This was the absolute perfect beginning to a day I had spent all year longing for, thus it only made sense for me to not squander rather savor every single moment. After all, I had just survived what will be engraved in history as a whirlwind of a year. One during which, swaths of humanity all over the world began to disappear into the corona virus cocoon and for the past several months one could not help but feel as though life on Earth had come to a sudden halt. It was only the highly anticipated invention of a vaccine that helped ride out the viral storm and roused people from what seemed like an extensive period of hibernation. Soon after, much to everyone’s delight world health authorities declared that the once fatal virus was no more a threat to mankind hence making it permissible for people to recommence their daily routines. This news was particularly exhilarating for my best friend, Sarah who was previously forced to cancel her wedding due to the global outbreak of the virus. Thus, it was only natural that the moment we received the green signal, a new date for the wedding was set, leaving us all flabbergasted with joy. I gladly resumed my duties as maid of honor and sheer happiness resonated through me as I began counting down days until the big event. 

This was partially the reason why my heart began to pound with excitement as soon as I took a step inside the airport. The thought of getting to watch my best friend walk down the aisle in less than twenty four hours made my face light up with impish glee. Even at this early hour of the day the airport was surprisingly congested and while that would have bothered me a year ago, in the light of recent events, the ongoing buzz and bustle was a rather comforting reminder of how people had returned to their accustomed way of life. After asking several people for directions, I eventually made my way to the counter labelled ‘passport control’ in bold. Therein upon being asked to show my passport, I confidently opened my purse and hastily began to search for it. With panic swelling within me, I thoroughly scanned each bag numerous times, but in vain. It was in that moment that my worst nightmare unraveled before me and I realized that I had forgotten something important. All of a sudden, my head felt like a carousel of fears spinning out of control, each pushing my mind into blackness. With flushed cheeks and distance evident in my glazed eyes, I took a few steps backwards, nearly tripping over my luggage resulting in my head rolling in impact. My heart hammered inside my chest like a rabbit running for its skin while I could feel my ribs heaving as if bound by ropes, straining to inflate my lungs. I tried gasping for air before taking a seat on a nearby bench in hopes of being able to regulate my breathing. I tried calming down my nerves, convincing myself that there was still sufficient time to attempt getting my passport by rushing back home.

Preparing to race against the clock, I got up, ignoring the feeling of all the energy in my knees being wrenched out. The room still hadn’t completely stopped spinning but refusing to give up in the face of such hurdles, I rushed out of the airport. I had barely made it into the parking lot when my phone rang. With my hands still shivering with anxiety, I picked up the phone only to hear my brother giggling at the other end. ‘Planning to sneak in the plane without your passport?’ he asked cheesily, taking me back by surprise. I strained my vocals trying to speak up but my voice still came out as thin and distant. Sensing the worry in my tone, he quickly added ‘Hey, cheer up! I’m just around the corner, you’ll have your passport with you within a few minutes’. Overcome with relief and immense gratitude, I suddenly began to sob helplessly. I could feel the tension choked up inside of me suddenly melt away the second I sighted my brother’s car. Never in my life had he seemed more of a hero than he did in that very moment whilst walking towards me with my passport in hand. I whispered a silent prayer, thanking God for letting the odds be in my favor and dashed back into the airport. Several minutes later, my luggage had been booked and I stood in line, clasping my passport and ticket, waiting to board the plane. Contentment filled my heart and I could once again feel happiness streak through me like a comet thinking about how despite all the ups and downs I encountered, at long last I was on my way to attend my bestfriend’s wedding.

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