The Pilots By Shamel Mujtaba


The pilots of the mighty hawk fighting squadron had just returned home from a death-defying mission. They were, of course, successful. “Aced it” was the group’s motto, and it was well-placed too. The rock star pilots stepped off their jets with their college’s blast cool superhero music behind them. Although the superman theme song was completely out of…everything, it was still used. Unfortunately the group of heroes did not realize that not every soundtrack suited slow motion walking. In all the glory and clapping one of the pilots failed to notice a small jumbo pack of peanuts that was the cause of him to be falling down in slow motion. His face changed from a sense of achievement to surprise to shock to a feeling of regret fullness… all in slow motion. The Audience now began to gasp in slow motion. The other pilot superstars began to frown then glance to the floor-they all began hopping to avoid tripping over an invisible pack of jumbo shrimps. All in slow-motion. First one leg slowly raised itself then the other launched the torso and arms into the air. Unfortunately they were pilots and not acrobats. Their heavy suits unbalanced them and the all began failed back and front-flips. Fortunately the ground broke their fall, unfortunately the pilot suit was surprisingly elastic.

Now the superheroes were bouncing lumps of regret rather than striding figures of glory.                                                                                

No one could have killed the superman theme better than them that day.

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