Q)How does Mail Online express news on social website? Explain Your answer with brief quotations. By Ahmad Raja

Ans) ‘Social Websites Harm Children’s Brains’ is the title of this passage which is taken from a website named ‘Mail Online’. This Passage is informative but gives a touch of persuasion as well. The tone of the passage is negative as the writer is mostly talking about harms.

Straight-forward language is used by the writer to make the young and adult audience understand at the same time.

The writer is mainly using evidences and references himself, from neuroscientists and psychologists such as “Baron Greenfield” and “Jane Healy” so that the  audience could have more faith in the writers writing. Then, social networking Jargons like “Facebook”, “Twitter”, and “Bebo” are also used to gain faith of the readers and avow’s that these sites “shorten attention spans, encourage instant gratification, and make young people more self centered” so that the reader believes him.

The writer has not used many statistics, he has only used them occasionally like, “150 million”, “Six million”, or “Seven-and-a half hours a day”, but these also gain the interest and faith of the reader, as it gives an image of ponderousness.

The words such as “sharp decline”, “engaged in for millenia”, “Toxic Childhood”, “alarming changes”, “rewire the brain”, are used by the writer to logically persuade the reader about the bad effects of “Social websites” and make them think that our brains are being rewired by these  gargantuan things and that these should be ostracised or at least be used less.

The writer then compares a present day’s child talking to real people with “killing,skinning, and butchering an animal,” that this is replaced with packages of meat on the supermarket shelf for convenience. This grabs the readers considerateness as firstly, draconian words are used by the writer and secondly, the words are triples, which make the reader more interested in reading and understanding the meanings and intention of them.

The writer gives expert opinions of neuroscientists and psychologists such as, “technologies are infantilising the brain,” then he says that it’s in a state that children who like “buzzing” sounds and bright lights have small attention spans and “live for a moment.” Now this scares the reader and onomatopoeia is used, which makes and produces a familiar sound in the readers mind and gets a better idea of what is meant and that the reader has also heard this sound before.

In conclusion, the writer successfully reaches his goal and purpose of writing this passage by giving factual references of educated and qualified personalities and by using severe words to go deep in the readers mind to fulfill his purpose successfully and convince him that “Social websites harm children’s Brains.”

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