Descriptive Writing – Train Ride – By Javeria Husain

As I hold my cup of steaming black coffee, the froth slowly dissolving into swirls of beige and black, I find my seat in the broad train aisle, looking desperately for a window seat.I claim the window seat on my left, and sit down.The seat, seems ancient,a thin layer of dust rests on the worn out leather, with little tears of white seeping out of the gaps.I run a swift hand to get rid of the dust, and place my belongings near me. Pushing aside the velvety curtains that shield the thin glass window, the jagged concrete road full of scurrying pedestrians comes into view.A man, of the age of around thirty, lousily stumbles through the aisle and heavily dumps his weight into the creaky seat besides me.He reeks of beer, his dark eyes drooping and slouched, his buttonholes done into the wrong buttonholes, and his hair made untidy, the oily strands sitting on the top of his head. Who let him onto the bus?The train starts moving abruptly, and the immediate clashing of the steel wheels against the railway tracks echoes through the bus loudly.I plug headphones in and scan the fellow passengers around me, allowing the music to flow through my ears.An old couple with dull white hair, neatly combed, the wife with a set of shiny pearls that hung loosely around her neck, delicately sips a cup of warm tea while wearing a huge smile plastered onto her face as her spouse chuckles deeply while conversing with her.Behind them sits an overly enthusiastic teacher flipping about cards to the uninterested children behind her, who seem extremely bored and do not pay attention back to her and arrogantly thump their thumbs into PSP’s and Nintendo DS’s.The man seated next to me, now passed out sleeps with his mouth agape, wide open.The stench of beer floods my nostrils once again, disgusted, I sigh and look outside.The sky is painted a variety of bright colors as the sun slowly envelopes itself back into the depths of the sky. Glancing at my watch, the green digits show as  ”7:02 p.m”. Perfect time to watch the sun, set.Shades of dark blue, light pink. lilac, and indigo mix into each other and paint the sky as if it’s a painting by Van Gogh.Slowly, stars uncover themselves, glistening and twinkling in the surreal, colorful sky. The clouds create a thick orange colored layer to hide the sun, turning them into a deep orange too.One by one, almost in sync, the lights of the street of the city and tall pointy skyscrapers flicker on. The buildings, reflecting the sky seems to also have stars on them as their white lights turn on too, glistening similarly like stars.The train’s speed increases and my view changes.Fields of lush green grass and little lilies along with the pink colored petal flowers dance with the lonely strands of upright grass, in the wind.They move melodically with the direction of the wind.Little children, perhaps from the outskirts of the city joyfully play in the grass field, as their parents admire them with watery eyes.The lights of the train ceiling flicker on too, changing the atmosphere from full of vivid, opaque and enticing colors to a dull light brown.The sun, almost swallowed and gone out of sight allows the crescent moon to shine. The paper white moon hides the sun, and reflects it’s white light, coating the city.The city, full of tiny yellow and white lights shining from a distance light’s up the city and give it it’s night life effect, displaying advertisements on large billboards, too.The train comes to an abrupt halt. My view is now of a dark coffee colored brick wall of the station.This was my train ride. ReplyForward

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