A Moment of Utmost Happiness – by Abdullah Chatta


I sat in my sea, both legs clenched, my teeth stomping with one another, and each of my hair strands spiking up from my skin. Each of my sweat glands had reacted to my highly strung state of mind, as they continued to secrete surplus amounts of sweat. I could feel my body go numb as the sweat droplets crawled down my cheeks; that’s when I heard the words, “Te award goes to Abdullah Chattha!” I exhaled breaths of relief, as if I was a gazelle who successfully outmaneuvered a troop of lions. The echoes of the cheering and claps resonated throughout the hundred feet tall auditorium.

My legs and arms still vibrating, I placed all my weight on my feet, as I stood up, and felt that I had entered the utopia that I desired for the past three packed, busy and intense days of the competition. As I made my way down the carpeted staircase, I was brainstorming what I had to say upon reaching the stage. Still recovering from the euphoric shock, I slithered up the stage to collect my first ever trophy. Looking at the glistening trophy which possessed a smooth, and glassy, white surface made my heart pump faster than it already was. I was finally receiving the fruits of my labor. As I collected my award, I returned to my seat to further examine the specimen I held in my hands. The jagged endings, reflective surface, and the four by four base I held in my hands was something I poured every ounce of hard work into.

Indulged in joyness, my brain refused to divert its attention to anything else. The feeling of utmost, after hold on to it, there’s nothings to make you take your grasp off it.  I felt like a toddler who refused to let go of his most precious toy. The euphoria and the alacrity I displayed to receive the award was similar to the toddler analogy. The adrenaline rush I experienced, which allowed me to feel the blood rushing till the tips of my fingers, had finally come to a halt. This too was the time when I had finally confirmed that I was not living within a false consciousness. Words can still not define the complex thought processes that floated within my brain as I stood at the pinnacle of my happiest moments. I let my happiness consume me and all my senses that had been heightened to the anxiety I encountered earlier were returning back to their habitual state.

 The memory of me standing in front of five hundred formally dressed and culturally diverse delegates to receive one of my most coveted items, still plays in my head in the form of a tape recording. My breathless self being told to calm down by the chief guest of the event, the camera flashes being reflected of the retina of my eyes, or even the loud applauds that blanketed me are part of the jovial moment I experienced. Although there were some things, I did during this time period that I’m not overly fond of, all in all it was an unforgettable moment of utmost happiness.

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