It was a relief coming out of that diesel-filled cabin and stepping out on the marshy land which was thinly layered with blunt-edged gravel. One step at a time out of the car, I stretched my arms wide open as the soft, cold, fresh breeze lightly slapped across my face.

I, a claustrophobic, sighed in relief once again as we started walking into the confined track which was surrounded by conifer trees.

This natural environment was in my eyes and my ears.

It was fairly visible to me that my running shoes were slightly sinking in the loose soil which left an evenly spaced and prominent brown border across the thick and white midsole. As we continued with our pleasant late afternoon walk, I could already feel my body generating a lot of heat and this stuffy and humid track was no less than a humid subtropical forest. I could feel the diameter of each sweat drop increase on my limbs as my pace changed dynamically. Throughout the first half of the journey, before the water bottle’s level dropped, I noticed that the trees which surrounded this track created an unusual ecosystem of its own.

This ‘ecosystem’ was an arch made by the long and stiff branches of the trees. They were generous enough to lend their arms out to not only provide shelter to those living above but also to provide a cool corridor to those strolling under. The natural corridor’s ceiling was home to many, many, many birds and casually crawling, creepy, contagious critters. This explained the bird droppings which covered every inch of the never-ending slabs of rock. However, from a bird’s eye view, the resemblance between this naturally painted rock and black Carrara marble was uncanny.

Not only did this natural environment grasp my attention visually but the surrounding audio which went along with the picture did too. As mentioned earlier, the sounds were reminiscent of my afternoon walk. The birds sang beautifully in sync while the little(huge) six-legged invertebrates buzzed loudly, chirped loudly, squeaked loudly – unharmoniously. I could smell the petrichor emanating from the moist soil.

This could mean one thing – a stream – and the timing could not have been any better.

As I blindly followed the babbling and trickling sounds, I eventually came to a halt.

I was flabbergasted. I was amazed. It was just, too scenic to be real.

Sighing once again in relief, I sat on a huge ellipsoidal ball-shaped boulder. There was nothing else I could think of other than appreciating and absorbing the view.

That corridor transitioned from a busy and business-minded city to a much peaceful and jaw-dropping view. Right in front of me was a flat piece of land that stretched out generously. The tall grass swayed back and forth as the calm breeze made its way through the strands. The sun was dipping itself below the horizon.  It was blazing with warm colors but producing no warmth. This was also proudly reflected by the lake and to end up this view, shimmering white butterfly koi came up to the surface to substitute the stars.

I didn’t want mankind to explore for business opportunities on this enduring piece of land. So, I spent the evening there so that I can picture this in the future – when I’m forced to claim responsibilities.

This was a radiant and deep-colored sub-tropical forest. Every color of the spectrum had been used on this canvas and I would never forget the last gasp of beauty before the death of the day.

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