Q. You are a reporter and have been asked to write a newspaper report on the latest research on protecting the environment. In your report include the following: .Why protecting the environment is important .Why people might be concerned .How they can be involved Think carefully about the purpose of your report and the audience for whom it is intended. By Maham Ali


Unite for the Planet

The following report discusses the recent activities that have been carried out inorder to protect the planet as well as the reasons that have led to this destruction.

Date:10th Febuary 2020

Author: Maham Ali

In a recent study it has been investigated that on average more than half of the activities carried out by the society leads to the exploitation of the environment. Such activities include deforestation, grazing , urbanization and industrialization. Most of these activities lead to excessive amounts of pollution hence causing damage to the enivornment.

Based on the latest research it is highly important to protect the enivornment. Further investigations concluded that cutting of trees on average leads to excessive release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It has also been reported that sewage is not properly disposed and such waste matter runs off in rivers and streams blocking the flow of water and collecting in rivers resulting in a decrease in fish life.

Protecting the environment is also important since it is a home to abundant species and has now resulted in a loss of habitat. As mentioned earlier since the water is being polluted by waste matter in the future there might not be clean drinking water for humanity. Which is why protecting the environment is highly important.

Based on the national surveys carried out there were a number of concerns for people. 5 percent of the students purposely avoid proper disposal of rubbish. Another survey stated that people are open to protecting the environment but refuse to pay a cost to do so.

Another thing of concern is the lack of interest of the government in protecting the environment. It was reported that burning of fuel leads to the atmosphere being warmer resulting in climate change and global warming which in return leads to melting of glaciers, sea levels rising and destruction of habitats.

Psychology Professor at San Diego State university claimed that the fire in Australia were a result of severe water shortages and extreme heat. The main culprit was global warming and humanity. This is something people should be concerned about.

Most common question asked is how to stop such destruction. The answer is to get involved in this campaign to stop such atrocious events. People can practice the ‘3RS’ ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’.

Extensive government programs can be carried out to stop deforestation and give proper land to farmers so they limit the use of harmful chemicals. In Pennsylvania students are spreading awareness on this issue hoping to bring a suitable change.

Simon Snow started a campaign to save the rare Spirit Bear and many people have partnered up with non Govermental Organizations to bring a suitable change and get involved.

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