Discursive Writing: Should teens be able to buy violent video games? Discuss. By Amal Adil


Isn’t violence a part of everyone’s lives? Haven’t we all experienced or seen violence at some point in our lives? The world has changed, the environment has changed, and people have changed. It’s the era of technology and here, technology means video games. Who were video games made for? And who are they for now? Teenagers, right? All these questions will be discussed in the following passage.

Supporters of the topic believe that teens should be able to buy violent video games as they give teens exposure to the outside world. Veronica Merrell, a psychiatrist states that, “if teenagers are playing violent video games, let them. It will help them handle violent situations later on in life”. Similarly, a teenage boy, David Dobrick, 15, said, “I play violent video games all the time. Nobody ever told me I was too loud or too violent. I actually feel that these video games actually help me handle different circumstances”.

However, people against the topic argue that violent video games are what make most teenagers so moody. A recent article in the Times newspaper stated, “by playing violent video games, teenagers tend to become very hyperactive and react to small things very violently”. Likewise, a mother of 2 teenagers, 14 and 16 says that, “both my children have become so addicted to these “fighting” video games that they snap at me every time I try to talk to them when they are playing these games. I can’t even take these games away because they become so moody and angry afterwards. Teenagers are said to be ‘unbearable’ if their precious video games are taken away.

At the same time, advocates of the topic maintain that violent video games have helped many people in different circumstances. Alex Chamberlain, aged 16 recalls that the fighting moves that he uses in his video games came in handy when he was about to be kidnapped. God knows what would have happened if he hadn’t played that game. Also, Bruce Lee states, “I admit, I learnt half of my karate moves from this video game I used to play when I was a teenager. Yes, it was violent but look where it got me.”

In retrospect, opponents of the topic maintain that violent video games affect the lives of many people. James Milner, a high school teacher said that it is mostly those who play violent video games all day long that get into rough fights with everyone on small matters. A research also states, “62% of teenagers that play video games get into fights regularly and their brains tell them it is normal as they use violence in video games all day.”

Proponents of the topic feel that teenagers who play video games have become sharper and much more intelligent. Alex Morgan, another famous psychiatrist claims, “teenagers who play violent video games use different strategies while playing and have to make decisions very quickly. This strategy can also be used by them in real life”. Similarly, another study claims that teenagers who play violent video games in which team strategies are used, they can work better in teams and can communicate with people better.

On the contrary, challengers of the topic claim that if teenagers have younger siblings, playing violent video games affects young children as well. Katie Bell, a mother of two, 14 and 8, complains, “my teenage son is always playing violent video games and my 8 year old son plays them with him. I feel like he has become very moody and has a lot of mood swings. He always talks back to me and shouts at me”. This shows that teenagers playing violent video games little children and when they grow up, they also indulge in violent activities, also affecting the society.

So, in conclusion, I think that teenagers shouldn’t play violent video games as their actions become similar to those in the games and they indulge in aggressive activities which affects their families in society. They can also become very addictive making teenagers caged in their rooms all day. Teenagers shouldn’t play violent video games as they mess with their brains and hearts.



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