Discursive: Parents do not have enough control over their children. To what extent do you agree with this statement? By Haider Khan

Do you think parents have enough control over their children? Do you believe children are under enough control to do what their parents want them to do? Or do you believe that children are being given too much freedom and that it is not good for them? So I ask you, should parents be lenient and allow their children to have no specific time to be home etc or should they be strict and not give their children freedom? Let’s discuss.
Those who support the topic, that parents donot have enough control over their children believe that due to this lack of control, children tend to lean towards illegal things such as, drugs, alcohol and many other things. According to Adam Copeland a police officer states that, “Most of the cases I’ve been receiving about abusive, aggressive teenagers come from families that are too lenient, do not have enough control on their children.”
However, opponents of the topic argue that parents do indeed have enough control over their children, as the children have a specific time of coming back home and also have to do the household chores. According to Kabir Hashmi, a student at LUMS University states that, “Even as an adult my parents still keep a specific time for me to come home, I also have to ask for permission before leaving the house.”
People in favour of the topic claim that parents do not have control over their children due to their own mistakes such as, giving children internet access round-the-clock and buying mobile phones for them so they can have a social life. According to a research carried out, about 92% of students at a public school have mobile phones and their parents have allowed them to use the internet at any time and at any place. This shows that bad parenting leads to children being drug addicts or convicts. The usage of these phones, internet leads to bad ideas in the children’s brains which is why Professor Tommy Shelby states that, “Children’s brains does what it sees and believes what others want it to believe.”
Moreover, critics of the topic believe that parents should be slightly lenient with their children as according to Veronica Lodge working at the Department of Health believe that, “Most of the children that have been sent to me are mostly children who’s parents are too tough on them.” This means that most children who do illegal things such as drugs tend to have strict parents and they start doing these things because of the pressure put on them by their parents.
Advocates of the topic maintain that some children mostly in the West tend to disrespect their parents, calling them by their first name or swearing at them. A survey carried out in the state of Ohio shows that 70% of children are not respectful to their parents, or anyone in general. Marry Jenkins, a mother states that, “I have one son and he does not treat me like his mother rather treats me like some maid…”
Finally, those opposed to the topic suggest that parents should raise their children to be respectful and obey the law, while the parents being lenient. This will not only lessen the cases of domestic violence drastically but will also bring peace to everyone. According to Dr. Lucifer Morningstar, “If parents raise their children in a calm and nice manner, those children will be nice to other people on a daily basis and that will lead to peace throughout the world.”
In addition to all these arguments, I personally believe that parents do indeed have enough control over their children as they have given their children a specific time to be home etc and if they were to become more lenient, their children would slip out of their hands and if they were to be more strict, those children would never have lived life.

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