Descriptive Writing: Describe a moment of utmost happiness. By Amal Adil


As soon as I open it, I feel myself focus on the one thing in front of me. Placed comfortably in front of me, on my soft bed, it looks heavenly. My mouth starts to water no matter how full I am. And the smell is just amazing. It’s almost as if I can taste it. I can smell each and everything on it. Little swirls of steam rising from it, dissolving into the air of my bedroom. The cheese stretching into thin, stringy lines and not breaking until they were at least a foot long. The spice of the chicken blends in perfectly with the sweetness of the cheese. The chicken; perfectly cooked, a beautiful whitish color from the inside and a reddish brown color from the outside, with small specks of spices that can be seen easily.

And the vegetables! Now, I’m not a big fan of vegetables but with this, I can a whole lot of vegetables. The vegetables add a great deal of color to it. The lavender color of the onions, slightly burnt brown at the edges gives it that sweet, smoky flavor. The green bell peppers give it the slight bitterness that it just needs. This is topped with mushrooms and olives giving it a silky smooth texture.

And when you get all of this in one bite, it not only tastes mouth watering but also gives me this out-of-this-world feeling. The softness of the cheese and chicken mixes perfectly with the crunchiness of the vegetables. And a sizzling, bubbling glass of coke just makes the combination perfect. After you take a bite, the coke just gives it the perfect after taste. And yes, I’m talking about pizza which brings me the utmost happiness.


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I am an English Language teacher teaching O'Levels Edexcel and CIE A Levels at Froebel's International School, Islamabad. I am also working as a Subject Specialist Literacy consultant for the same school. Writing and reading has always been a passion and I try my utmost to instill these habits and hobbies in my students as well. I can be reached/contacted at or 03365287335 Happy reading!

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