Descriptive: Q) Describe your favourite place. This may be a real or imaginary location. By Aaizah Tahir


A) I sat on the single stair with my bare feet in the soft, lush grasss. It looked as if someone had spilled a vividly, mossy green paint onto the ground. The coolness of the foliage spread under the soles of my caloused feet, tingling. It spread a wave of serene calmness over me. The silent chirping of the small creatures of the night, and the tiny, yet bright fireflies dancing around me looking like brightly burning stars, washed over me like a hurricane, drowning away my persistant and nagging thoughts.

I looked up and saw what appeared to be a navy blue, almost black blanket sprawled over, dusted with tiny specks of dust and fire, shining and twinkling constantly as if in chaos; it was as if they were ready to combust any moment. Millions of constellations were spread out over the vast night sky, as clear as day. A white bullet had punctured the gorgeous canvas above and had made its home, illuminating everything in its reach.

A wide-eyed owl was perched in the woody branch of the looming tree on my right. It stayed hidden, camouflaging into the tree with its chocolate brown feathers, except for its big, round eyes watching me calmly. It observed my every move. It gave off an eerie aura. My concrete grey and white husky lay by my exhausted legs. It looked at peace as if it wanted to stay there forever. Its big pointy ears were relaxed and turned slightly downwards with its eyes, a dull blue looking like wet-pavement at the time, on the swing nearby.

I suddenly got up and sat on the swing; the white paint of it chipped off by frequent use, revealing a rusted, bronze metal underneath. I swung lightly humming along the soft breeze which ruffled up my long, blood-red hair.

I stared at the white-picket fence across me. It was immensely tall, blocking my view from the outside as if protecting me.

In this moment I was calm and relaxed. It set up a serene atmosphere. My backyard was my favourite place in the entire world. It was my enclosed place where I forgot about all my worries. It was my safe haven.



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