Descriptive Essay Describe your favorite time of the year. By Areesha Fatima


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Descriptive Essay

  1. Describe your favorite time of the year.


The snowy, frothy air takes over the horizon when the deadly sheets of paper come along. As one drinks several cups of coffee to keep their puffy eyes wide open for a little longer. Which sheets of paper? Exams, duh!

This feeling is unexplainable. Droplets of sweat and a bunch of tears rolling down everyone’s faces. This is a very common sight in the exam season. Side by side, the pounding of the heart and the huge piles of notes slithering everywhere. Isn’t this the best feeling?

A series of mental breakdowns make this time of the year even better. It is like the soul is running here and there inside the body.

Students od every age group are in love with this season and put in their heart and soul to achieve their target. This comes along with many feelings like anxiety, fright and stress and what not.

A more stressful location then worsens the situation. The examination hall!

Tiny whispers, sweaty palms and shivering legs can be seen throughout the hall. The squeaky noises of swinging chairs and the ticking of pens can be heard in every corner of the rectangular room.

A moment of silence crept in as soon as the exam papers rested peacefully on the ashy brown, tall table. A moment of disgust crept in when noses sniffed the sweat in the aroma.

There is more happiness to arrive. Wait for it. Actually, this beautiful time of the year does not come once, nor twice but thrice in the following years. Isn’t this the best part? I can definitely see a smile on your face. However, too much happiness can lead to minor silly mistakes. For example, instead of writing ‘photosynthesis’ writing ‘protein synthesis’.

Additionally, this favorite time of the year lasts for about two to three weeks and brings about the most colorful days of our lives.

When there is an ample amount of color in your life, a present called ‘result’ makes an entry and eradicates every or any color in your life unless you get very lucky and get good grades.

At last, do you really think this is the best time of the year! Without any doubt, it is definitely the least favorite time of the year!

When dull, despair and darkness take over your lives and a view of chaos can be observed everywhere. The excessive feeling of nervousness is a must in the exam season.

The coffee that needs to be drunk on a cold; foggy night loses its soothness and instead keeps everyone awake to stay up all night and study.

But sadly, these are a part of every student’s life and is unchangeable. Is it really the best time of the year though? That is a very important question.


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