Descriptive Essay: Describe a Train Ride By Eman Shahid


Describe a train ride


It was here that I would start my heart-wrenching journey to finally part ways with a close, deceased relative in Nagasaki, Japan. I boarded the train and familiarized myself with its interior; I would be here for a while. I heard the working of machinery below me as the sound fought for dominance within my eardrums, accompanying this war for dominance was the subtle sounds of chattering birds as they awoke on the call of dawn.


It was only five in the morning so this was expected. Many passengers were asleep as their minds journeyed the heavens and beyond while I was here, very much awake and very much exhausted. The sounds being made by the awakening of machinery had died down. Now I was left alone with a comfortable silence that surrounded my frame: a wide shot which captured my loneliness almost unbelievably.


Yes, as I looked around there was noting of importance around me. I could not see cheery companions who could have brightened up the drab and dreary interiors of the blue-grey cabin. It was as if I was alone in a vast, dark ocean unable to see what came ahead and unable to see what lied below; birthing a monster of anxiousness and anxiety with myself. I felt suffocated.


Alas! As the gold sunlight crept up the tinted window stills and pricked my hazel eyes I could finally see the color which in reality I hadn’t realized was surrounding me. The warm embrace of the sun illuminated the once dark and drab corners of my worn out cabin and breathed a new life within her walls. She was grateful, and she showed me this by enveloping me into a tundra of colors that shone through from the tinted glass windows. Only a lingering feeling of anxiety that plagued the atmosphere remained and a feeling of calm and perseverance washed over me, showering me with a feeling that I craved.


As the sunlight greeted my pupils I turned to greet her back. This was when I admired the lush green marshes that stood along the train. The sky was still gloomy and cloudy but the ray of happiness that shone through made an overwhelming difference. The countryside of Nagasaki looked like the gardens of eve-the gardens that god had once touched.  The sunlight dancing through the fields illuminated the vibrant fruit and exotic flowers that stood amongst crowds. My eardrums were also filled by people finally waking up from their deep and much needed slumber and made the moment an euphoric beauty.


I let my mind wander-it went through paths and hallways and such until a picture was embedded into my mind, that of the train I was sitting in. an image of the train right before the break of dawn submerged itself into the depths of my mind.


The colorful, worn out red paint that clinged to the ancient metals mixed well with the darkness and void alongside her. She was unique in a world often filled with forgotten experiences made to take you away from the times that needed to be erased and carry you forward, to a new beginning, new feeling and away from the dark depths of the ocean you were within, towards a warm shore waiting for your arrival.


Time had passed- my moods had passed and I finally felt like myself again. The hard blue cushions that surrounded my body no longer suffocated me but embraced me in a feeling that told me things would go on a right path. As the primary colored tinted light passed through the flower patterned windows and surrounded me ethereally, I felt myself glance at the running marches that kept up and felt slumber greet me like an old friend.

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