Descriptive: Describe a train ride. By NoorulAin Saif 10B


The wheels clashed with the railway making a sound so loud sleep felt like a work unknown. The ‘on a budget’ train ride was even harsh to the worst of people. The seats in my compartment had a rough, ragged covering full of stains, dirt and quite some holes which only made me think about whatever happened her before .The window was curtained with dust which asked me to brush it off with my hand to look out.

However, the view outside wasn’t worth one of the numbered napkins I carried along. Outside was deserted, dry and depressing plain with no sign of life on it: no plants, no animals and no humans. The weather outside, with the blazing heat of the sun, didn’t feel impossible to imagine regarding the fact that inside, it wasn’t only hot and humid but also VERY suffocating.

Dsh Tsh! Dsh Tsh! My ears were on the verge of bleeding, and my head on the verge of exploding. I let out another sigh of pain and agony along with my fellow passengers. The train made sure all of us regretted our five dollars and our plan to travel on a train.

Now, came the food. Stale bread that lay on an undesirable beige plate was topped with almost brown cabbage and little chunks of unseasoned chicken. Although the unappetizing detail made me hesitate to do so, I picked up the ‘sandwich’ and took a bite. The ‘boneless’ chicken chunks had little bones in them and I almost threw up. To down it, I took a gulp of the warm, bottled cola.

Everyone looked miserable, including the surrounding décor. The wallpaper on the walls was ripping off and the small table had almost broken. The bunk beds to the side were shaky and untrustworthy, sheets dirty and crumbled and mattresses as hard as rocks.

The hostesses were unpleasant and ill-mannered. Their grumpy faces made any passenger with a question nervous enough to breakdown.

The train ride was definitely a train wreck. The interior was absolutely unwelcoming. Definitely would never recommend it to anyone.

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