Descriptive: Describe a celebration at a party by Subhan Bin Yousaf 11-E


A huge room, which turns to be the epicenter of the party. Coloured lights are dragged and decorated across the golden rod, bearing the weight of the red curtains, as red as the crimson fluid that flowed inside the bodies of the the party’s guests. You can’t look up unless you hope to be blinded by flashing lights, such that if a guest stood under these lights, He would appear brighter than even his own complexion allowed, Brightness reflected off his skin like a ray reflected off a diamond. Not a source of light seen to be switched off, such that in the street stuck in the grasp of darkness, the house in that street itself was a source of light for the passerbys, the house, a sole fighter of the street’s darkness. This would result in an electricity bill, that would only be payable once money grew on trees.

There are balloons, red, yellow, pink, all taped on to the white doors that welcomed the guests, or taped on to the walls with each balloon distanced from the other at a metre’s length. A butler, dressed in a tuxedo, a white bow making amends with his neck. He moves around, holding a silver tray, carrying cocktails, namely Pina Colada and Mint-Margarita. For someone who might desire, may find himself encountering the butler, only to sip down a mixture of pineapples and iced juice or a mixture of sliced to bits mint, squeezed lemon and iced barley juice.

Don’t expect anyone at this party to be dressed in a formal manner. Everyone arrives at the party in a casual dressing, namely T-shirts or buttoned ones, accompanied by Jeans or pajamas with sneakers being the final touch to the dressing. Find different groups hang out amongst themselves in the different corners of the room. If you suit with none of these groups, introduction to others is suggested or find someone who might be down for a game of chess, or just join a queue, watching people bend under the rod’s placement as they play a game of limbo. Dancing in the centre of the room is a common sight, as some guests enjoy the pop music playing on the speakers above their heads and these guests involve themselves in a duet on the ‘dancing’ centre of the room.

For someone who wishes to help himself to an appetite, can move over up to the table, bearing all the taste of juicy meat, different cuisine food, different snacks or cold drinks. You see people munching mostly on pizza and club sandwiches with cold drinks to assist the food’s journey down the oesophagus into the stomach. After a while, when everyone wills for a piece of dessert, then either a piece of cake is seen handed to the guests or scoops of different flavoured icecream, mainly chocolate or vanilla, are fed to the guests.

A party can also serve as a place to carry out juvenile behavior and activities, like consuming drugs, smoking, or mostly getting into fights. In every lone room or corner of the house, you might find people snorting cocaine up their noses and down their lungs, or smoking cigarettes, all as a means to enjoy brief period of intoxication and a time away from the business of reality. You might sight people get down to shoving each other and then gradually forced to shove fists into the other’s cheek aggressively and before you know, the whole crowd gathers around either to watch the theatrical performance or to pull the ‘poles of the magnets’ apart. Therefore a party can be a place where everyone hopes to revive the sense of joy within themselves, but its upto the actions of these guests, over which the guest leaves with a frown assisted with eyebrows pulled down or with a glee shining on their face.

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