AO2: How does mail online express views on social websites? Explain your answer with brief quotations. By Amal Adil


The title of the text is “social websites harm children’s brains” and it has been taken from “mail online”. The structure of the passage is a website article and the purpose of the passage is to inform the reader. The language of the text is quite simple and straightforward and is easy to understand. The audiences of the text are mainly young adults and adults who are interested in the harmful effects of social networking sites. The tone of the text is slightly negative as the author has not mentioned any positive effects of social media. It is also a slightly semi-formal tone.

The author has used facts and figures to support their theory, for example “150 million us Facebook”, “six million have signed up to Twitter”. This shows the reader that the author has some knowledge about the harmful effects of social media. By using facts, the writer supports his point of view.

The writer has also used many adjectives to describe his arguments or statements, for example “bright”, “buzzing”, “sharp”.

The writer has also used triples in the text, “killing, skinning and butchering”. This also makes the text more descriptive. This engages the reader and creates an image in the readers mind. It not only entertains the reader but also informs the reader.

The writer has also used a great deal of evidence in the text and has used many examples from different sources or people. This backs up the passage even more as by mentioning the person who said the dialogue, the writer adds more weight to the article and makes the passage more believable.

The author has used exaggeration in the text, “we know how small babies need constant reassurance that they exist”. This also adds a little bit of humor in the article. This reinforces the writers point and makes the argument gain more attention.

Heavy vocabulary has also been used by the author. Words like “gratification”, “neuroscientist” and “prevalence” add weight to the text and create a better effect. Jargon has also been used for example “Facebook”, “Bebo”. These are words normally used by people who use social media.

The writer has also used different sentence structures such as simple, compound and complex. “Computer games and fast paced shows were also a factor” is an example of a simple sentence. The author has used many coordinating conjunctions in compound sentences like “and extremely profitable… harm than good….” By using different types of sentences, the writer has created a flow of writing and creates a better effect.

The author has successfully proven his point and has proven the harmful effects of social networking sites supporting the text with a lot of evidence. The article is very detailed and the writer has used many unique words to describe the effects. He has also used many rhetorical techniques to engage the reader.

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