Write a true or imaginary story titled ‘The Starry Night’ By Subhan Bin Yousaf

Walter White was an ambitious thirteen year old boy.He wasn’t like the other children at school,rather say he was beyond normal and was a gifted boy with aims so high that he wanted to reach for the stars.Well yes,he wanted to reach for the stars both literally and for real.His dad was an Aeronautical engineer working for NASA and his mother was an Astrologist,working overseas for a private firm.His dad wasn’t always around to watch out for him or to spend some time with Walt and his elder sister.Unlike Walt and her parents,Walt’s sister,Margaret,wasn’t really much of an ambitious folk.She focused mostly on her popularity and good looks,which led her to becoming a social media star.Margaret didn’t even cater to Walt and his needs.At times,she would seem to act as if she never had a younger brother,so every night,there would be her friends entering the front door and “crashing” for the night.
Life at school wasn’t too kind to Walt.He was bullied for being a nerd and a bookworm.Walt was disturbed by his mates’ hostile reaction but he knew he set a goal for himself : to follow in the footsteps of his parents and study about astronomy and space,which would help him be an astronaut.Walt was an avid reader,reading about the milky way galaxy and other books on astronomy.What made him passionate about his future career was that his parents would describe it as a “passing of the torch”.What made him study with enthusiasm was that he wasn’t distracted in any way.He would go to the library often to find more books which matched his interests.He would read so many books that once he finished them all,he requested the library to order more books of the same category.
Eight years pass,Walt’s parents have retired from their respected roles in their firms,Margaret moved out to California.Walt is studying for his NASA admission test.Folk advice from both his parents boosts his confidence.A month later,his result arrives in the mail,NASA has selected Walt as one of the sixty individuals who signed up,to have the job he dreamt of the day his father landed on Mars.WALT HAD BEEN SELECTED TO GO TO MARS WITH A GROUP OF 8 OTHER ASTRONAUTS! He had succeeded the dream of his and his parents.Tears roll down his mother’s eye.
An year passes,and Walt’s sitting on the deck of the spaceship on his twenty second birthday.”Prepare for takeoff” says the operator.3..2..1 and up goes the spaceship erupting a ball of fire below it.30 mins later,he begins to see the stars and the surrounding space as dark as the devil’s soul.That’s when his mate utters,”We’re finally in space,the beginning of Starry Nights….”

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