Q) Write a story, true or imaginary, entitled, ‘It was all my fault’. By : Zuhaib Zubair    11-M               


As the referee blew the final whistle to the tournament’s semi-final football match , our football coach came running to us delighted and pleased with our victory. He came , first congratulating me and Usman for our two spectacular goals and then the rest of the team for the impressive defense they managed during the entire 90 minute game.

We had just over an hour before our next match began which was to be the finals against one of Islamabad’s finest under eighteen football teams and truly half of our team wasn’t ready to go up against them.
Fifteen minutes before our match was to start , our coach called the team for a meeting and told us a little about the opposing team. He told us that the enemy team was more attack and forward based so we needed to keep our defense strong and that once we get a god opportunity and get past their attack it shouldn’t be that hard since their defense wasn’t the best. He also told us not to take them too lightly but we already knew what the team was capable of so we didn’t even think of taking them lightly instead took it harder on ourselves.
Just as the match began to start , i started to feel panicky and nervous like i had a feeling we would not win this game. So i told the captain who also happened to be my friend and he told me , “If we’re meant to win , we will otherwise we wont.Just give it your best and don’t panic. “
His little motivational speech gave me a little courage and our team successfully  went through half the game with an equal score of zero – zero and a little ups and downs but nothing too much. At the small ten minute half time break we got , our coach who was studying the game told us that the opposing team had a weak point at the top left side where their attack was weak and we had a chance of making our way through their defense and maybe score a goal and get lucky. Since i was positioned at where their weak side was , our coach said it was my responsibility to take it past their attack and pass it clear forward to our team’s other attacker, Usman.
As the half time whistle blew and the match started again I thought to myself why to give the goal to usman and why not go for it myself. Every time i cleared the ball , Usman stood clear at the opposite corner infront of  an empty goal waiting for my pass but my ego stopped me from giving the goals entire attention to Usman thinking no one would notice me that way.
I received over four opportunities and the opposing team kept intercepting the ball from me each time and during the final five minutes when i decided i should stop my greed of scoring the goal myself because i would never be able to this way , i thought to pass it to usman this time but then then other team team found out about their weak point and changed positions and then slowly but surely they scored a goal letting our entire team down. Our team had tried their best but by then everyone had already lost all hope and their really wasn’t much we could do in a little time of 2 – 3 minutes. And in the end we lost the match for a mistake i was to blame.
After the game was over , i apologized to my team and my coach for my mistake which i was aware of and for letting my coach down who replied to me with a smile on his face , “it’s all right , there’s always a next time , and don’t worry you played great.” even though i had known it was his dream to win this tournament and it was the first time his team had come so far and lost because of one of his students ego.

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