Kashmir: A place of Beauty and terrorism. Zoraiz Khan 10E


My Family had never been so excited to go to Kashmir, neither they had been so scared to. Kashmir is one of the most beautiful place in Asia but, although it has heaps of greenery, views that mesmerize and cleanliness along with fields  of different foods and varieties of exotic animals, there is another side.

The Forsaken side:

This part of Kashmir is nearer to India and the Indians want Kashmir desperately, hence it is a war zone with negativity and martyrdom to the fullest. These people are negative to Kashmir, They are killed if they fight for their rights but the ” terrorists” from the other side.

Boom here Boom there, bodies everywhere, children, mothers, fathers falling to the ground as their soul slowly leaves them for good. This is what causes hesitation of visiting these terrorized parts.

My Family and I were going down the market road when shots were heard and moments later, a small stream of blood came down the road, then four people with a child in their hand bleeding from the head due to a bullet which had gone through his skull , behind the four men a woman weeping lifelessly “mera Bata” that was it, I knew I could never un-see  what I had just saw.

My father slowly backed the car to head back when more shots were heard, blood was gushing down the road, shots became bomb blasts and the living became the martyred , all for pride and carelessness of the other side. None of us would be able to erase that memory, it is truly traumatizing when you hear guns going off and blood gushing down. it was like I wanted to help those people so badly buy couldn’t. It is nerve racking  how someone will kill others for their own good.

More and more injured people came down the road, carried by people and left to die or survive on their own, one of them I saw a woman who had laid down on the footsteps of a home, where her shinbone would have been there was a festering wound the size of my hand. she had been shot in the leg which had fused into the v shape of a boomerang. you could see her sick yellow eyes as her decaying body went lifeless.

a man of about thirty years with several wounds bled nearby, he smiled, curiosity urged me to know why was he smiling, it could not have been happiness, or a smile of greeting , another man sat down with him and asked him why he was smiling, the answer was shocking and eye watering ,the smile was of embarrassment of the state his body was in, the smile was that kind which shows guilt of self and says sorry.

Although just before his soul  could leave Aid agencies arrived and took him in an ambulance, then more and more aid came with policemen too. The raucous died down slowly, however no one knows when it might happen again, one man says I feel like fighting today” and everyone  else’s pride follows on to say ” yes, I feel like killing too” Is that not the truth of the selfish terrorists?

Is it all arrogance and love of money than convenience others  to kill shamelessly, and it must stop, one way or the other.




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