Describe your ideal job. By Asfand Mohiuddin 11M

Princess of the North

Striding and lingering  along the piercing summits of Northern Pakistan, my abode of gargantuan proportions has endured much.

Softly, a cigarette from a local company  hangs from my mouth, wet from the tea I had drunk just before departing on my journey lasting aeons.

I am the driver of this truck bedazzled with art and my foot is ever-loyal to the pedal driving this truck into newfound lands.

I have aged by the kilometres driven . The company of my truck that varies from gypsies, construction workers and blacksmiths for whom Punjabi hit songs are blasted  into their ears as this truck prowls upon the mountains with its beast like nature.

The heights increase as the truck goes higher and the diesel is dying away too.

Like a husband bringing provisions to his sick wife, I inject the fuel, a spicy smelling mixture of hydrocarbons conjuring it with energy and a dauntlessness to move forwards submissively.

Suddenly the mountains are engulfed in mist and my shawl has no benefit as the brumal winds have penetrated deep into my skin. My foot remains paralysed on the pedal, my moustache begins to twitch and my intuition tells me that it shall rain soon.

The rain begins and the uniform, crystalline splinters of water begin to cannonade against the roof of the truck. With an elated aura and ecstasy that explodes in my mind for the love of rain causes me to laugh insanely. I start chewing paan that I had just bought a few miles ago that ‘firework-ed’ in my mouth strangely increasing the power in my leg as a catalyst.

The sky of gloom is donned In a black cape similar to my chadar. I have given to my fellow travellers their share ofnaswar and they are pleased with my generosity.

I shall buy for them a piquant plate of nihaari from my salary along with a naan as rugged as the road. In the night as a gypsy in a trance, the decorative metal pieces hanging from the truck make the noise of a multitude of bangles thrown on the dance floor.

And the doctor shall ever work hours upon hours of medical research and the engineer shall drown in an ocean of calculations and the business man shall conclude deals and an artist splatter paint on his canvass but I, my friend shall only go higher and higher into surreal lands equipped with a spirit of adventure and willpower as a truck driver seated upon a thrown embellished with the shades and figures of my country.

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I am an English Language teacher teaching O'Levels Edexcel and CIE A Levels at Froebel's International School, Islamabad. I am also working as a Subject Specialist Literacy consultant for the same school. Writing and reading has always been a passion and I try my utmost to instill these habits and hobbies in my students as well. I can be reached/contacted at or 03365287335 Happy reading!

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