The extract is taken from the newspaper ‘The Guardian’. The structure of this extract is informative as it is providing information about the social networking sites. The purpose of the extract is to tell the people about social sites. The audiences of the extract are the people who are interested in this newspaper and young adults. The tone of extract is positive. The language is very formal and sometimes it uses informal words as well.

The author has used figurative speech. The Jargon has been used .”The proliferation of parents and teachers”. The rapid increase of parents and teachers. The word proliferation is a special word used for profession and is difficult to understand. The word has been used instead of rapid increase. It makes the reader especially adults feel that the extract is quiet serious.

The author have used many statistics regarding social network. “The percentage of 15-24 year old have been overrun by 25-34 years old”. This gives a very great impact on reader as it make the thing a fact. And gives reader a believe that is true. “Overall 30  of British adults have profile”. It gives reader a impact that it is easily understandable.

The Author have given expert advice as well. “James thickett  said while older people seemed to be embracing social networking sites.” James thicket is the director of market research so he is senior his advice is the expert advice. Expert advice gives reader a strong believe as he is a director.

A Alliteration is used. “Pubs and clubs”. This sounds a little humorous. It adds emphasis and reinforces meaning to create a highly emotion image .It makes reader feel engaging in the extract.

The author has used Hyperbole . “ Way  to kill a youth trend”. The author has been overdramatic by  the use of word  kill . it adds emphasis gives clear image ,helps to remember a point of situation cumulative effect . This gives great impact on reader and forces him to read on.

Overall ,  this extract is a very informative piece of knowledge . Its all about social networking sites and usually focuses on young and old people .  The author has used various types of figure of speech such as Alliteration, Hyperbole, Jargon. Expert advice also gives reader a strong believe .




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