The Blizzard by Zara Irfan 10E


Higher and higher she ascended up the steeping slopes of the mountain. All she could see was white, white and white. Her eyelids failed to open entirely and looked like cracks on a window, little room, but just enough to glance at the outside world.

The cold seeped through her thick, wool clothes and touched her skin with ferocity, and her shivering was relentless. The chattering of her pearly white teeth was mute amongst the heavy whooshing sounds of the blizzard running a marathon against her direction which made taking a singe step seem immensely hard. Her frail legs were buried two feet under the heavy snow carpeting the entire expanse, its color reflecting her pale, snow white skin.
Cheeks flushed and red, and her icy blue eyes trained ahead, she wanted to give up and settle under the mass of the snow. The monstrosity of the wind felt like spikes pricking her skin and how she wished she fell into a sleep like death like Aurora had. She never could have thought she would ever envy a princess in a matter like this, but you never know what life throws at you, now do you?
Not having it in her to take another step, her petite frame met the heavy frosting swirled on the ground by God himself, but the taste of it was anything but sweet. It was venomous and deadly, ready to gulp her.
The snow- now covering almost all of her body- compressed her and squeezed the living day lights out of her. She sat there engulfed within the stacks of the velvet but hard snow, and her body was moving back and forth on its own accord. Her eyelashes were coated with snowflakes that were mesmerizingly beautiful that they put crystals to shame. But, however they might looked, she loathed the feeling of anything ice-cold to even brush past her.  She disregarded their beauty and continued to rub her gloved, bony hands together but it was as useless as talking to a wall.
She took a moment and swiftly enveloped the surroundings into her eyes with keen observation. She noticed the humongous conifers and pine trees that looked dead and lifeless underneath the blizzard. Tentacles of ice hung low on the branches and she was amazed at the fierceness of them. They were solid as a rock and despite the blizzard blazing past them in the most atrocious way possible, they were able to withstand their positions and held their stance. They were an army trained for battle.
Her focused eyes then wandered over to the dense forest ahead of her. The trees were like giants, cascading shadows darker than black on the white rug below. Their mightiness and posture intimidated her more than the blizzard showering its curses upon her. Their trunks were gigantic and in a deep shade of brown; but the ice and snow covering it dimmed the essence of its colors. The long, spine-like leaves loomed over the massive bulks of wood and made the image of the trees look impossibly bigger.
And just like that, completely exhausted, her emotionless eyes fluttered shut and she fell in the middle of the blizzard, unable to keep up with the cruelness of the storm anymore.

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