“Spellbound by the Mountains” by Mohib Khan 9E


Summer vacations brought relief to me after a hectic year; the northern mountains had never looked more enticing. Reaching the mountains appeared to be a great difficulty, but it was worth every second of the journey. The mountains expressed their tyranny from the moment I entered the valley and into their domain. Threatening to drown my car in rocks any second, one had to be careful with every muscle moved. The sheer size of the hills and mountains astounded me. Vegetation overgrowth on the mountains decorated the hills and extended downwards into the supporting river flowing viciously downhill. The river ran into the sides like a truck ramming into a wall. Pine and baby aspen trees were dotted all along the landscape.

The conditions of the road on the way to my lovely cabin were terrible; the ruckus from the bottom of my car became almost unbearable. The rocks and deep potholes on the road shook the car and me in it, like a paint mixer. Every window in the car was rolled down, so I could have some leverage to hold on and not lose the grip I needed so greatly. The fresh mountain air brought some relief and filled my lungs with energy. The surrounding air was as pure as the fresh water making its way down a nearby waterfall, perhaps due to the melting of the glaciers. The last part of the journey became a bit of a stretch; gravity was not a friend of my car when it had to make its way up a steep hill. But alas, the travel was over and I had reached my destination.

A mountain top cabin had to be one of the best purchases of my lifetime. Even though nearby mountains were brooding and loomed over us, I still felt like I was at the top of the world. Evening that day would be special, as char grilled lamb would be my dinner of choice for the night. After a day of travel, all I really wanted to do was sit in my trusty chair and take in the jaw-dropping view. One could tell time had taken its toll on the mountain, because it had suffered things going beyond recorded human history. Earthquakes, early human struggle, human wars, extinct animals, weary travelers, and unknown plants: It had seen it all in its million plus years of lifetime. One could say that such experiences had given it such distinct features and irreversible marks. In my lost mesmerized mindset, I did not even notice the ring of snow covering the sky-punching mountain. Winter was here, and it had brought snow with it. Suddenly, I heard a deep, booming noise erupting in the distance and a huge wall of snow crashing down. Near the foothills, it had become a chute of white. Mist formed near these areas and grabbed at the ankle of the mountain. This had made the cold weather more evident. All across my line of sight, I saw the tips of mountain ranges sticking up like a row of thorns and swaddled around them were necklaces of powdery snow. The air became arctic cold by the minute. I was once again distracted during my gazing session, but at least it was a rewarding one. The unmistakable whiff of char grilled lamb wafted to my nose and attracted me towards the grill. The taste warmed my heart and filled my mouth with succulent delight. Dinner that night was cosmic.

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